Progress? Not so much…

Yeah, I barely got anything done this weekend.  I did get in some so-so sleep, so I guess there’s that.  The good “so” was more about length than quality, but sometimes you just take what you can get, right?  Unfortunately, I really didn’t get through much of my weekend plans.  The plan was to sort my shit and figure out what to keep, donate, trash, sell, or leave in limbo.  I didn’t so much accomplish that.  It was a very simple plan, and I more or less failed at it.  Well, I didn’t fail.  I just didn’t make much progress.  So yeah… I failed.  Whatever, we’ll just start again this evening.

I also broke my “no booze” streak and tossed back a few (too many), leading to a pretty rough Sunday.  As it is, I still feel a little rough right now on Monday morning.  I also look a little rough.  I’m not sure if it qualifies as gin blossoms or something else, but I seem to have acquired a new thing where I kind of… I don’t know, break out.  I get some sort of rash or bumpliness about my cheeks and forehead when I drink.  Man.  As if I needed another reason to put the breaks on.  Looks like I’ll start that over this evening as well.

So I don’t know, seems like as good a time as ever to tighten up on that one.  There’s a Belgian beer festival that I’d like to do this Friday, but really shouldn’t.  After all, completely dry weekends are difficult for me.  Starting the weekend off with a beer fest can’t possibly help.

No big revelations today and kinda re-hashy.  But there it is.  Hittin’ the no-booze for a while, gotta finish my sorting/cleaning thing, and maybe I should bring this latest development up to my doctor the next time I visit.  On to other things.

About my Bootycall Forecast.  Seems it’s about as accurate as the local weather forecasts it’s based on.  I got no ass at all this weekend.  I’d say that was at least 90% my own fault, mostly because of the sorting, sleeping, and sipping.  Future sex might also be difficult.  Booty-butts can sometimes lead to the drink.  I’m sure that doesn’t require any explanation, but the basic idea is that it’s sometimes easier to do a one-time/first-time thing if you’ve both had a little social lubricant and booze is one of the best lubes for that machine.  But if I’m to avoid drinking I also have to avoid (for at least a while) those activities that lead me to it most frequently.  So that puts a lot of possible sex on hold for a while.

That’s a much bigger bummer for me than maybe others, or at least than others tend to let on.  I don’t know how ya’ll are doing it, but knockin’ boots tends to be pretty helpful to me.  It both calms me and motivates me.  I don’t know how it works, I just know that it does.  And when I miss out on bumping uglies for too long, I start to get kinda jittery and irritable.  I start to get kinda shitty.  So I think what I’m going to do is maybe give a call to an old hookup.  Old in the sense that I haven’t caught up with her in a while.  Not in the sense that she’s elderly.  She’s not.  Why would you think that?

The deal is – she can handle what I’m into, isn’t a drinker, will probably be perfectly cool with me showing up to do ma’ thang and just leave, and may even get me a little high on the marijuana pots.  Some good booty a little herb tends to lead to a really good night’s sleep.  I’ve not had one of those in far too long.  Seems like a good plan.

tl;dr – Re-up on the booze-break, this last weekend kinda sucked, continue with my sort/clean/sell/donuts, call a chick I used to fool around with to get a little high and fool with her butt a bit.

I have a few other features that I’m trying to add, but a combination of current life-style changes along with certain busy/lazy crossroads are maybe going to keep them from happening right away.  I don’t know, we’ll see what up wiff it.