Bang a Gong and Slap a Dong, ‘Cause It’s FRIDAAAAAYYY!!!

Fuck yeah, right!  Monday Monkey Works For The Weekend, or some shit!!!  What?  Whatever, it’s just another day.  Though I am looking forward to finishing up some housework tomorrow and then doing jack-shit on Sunday.  Oh right, the new thing:

Here’s a Thing That What Interestings Me… Of The Week: Get your ass over to DigiPen and download this game – Dig-N-Rig.  It’s completely free and only a few megabytes.  I mean, it could fit on a few 3.5″ floppy discs and we’re all well beyond those, so just go get it.  Install it.  Fuck around in it.

I do suggest doing the tutorial, but hey – game at your own risk and pace, right?

Here’s the quick idea – you’re a robot built by some wacky Scientist to dig to the core of the Earth.  All of the graphics are color-ASCII and you upgrade drills and buy equipment for your rig so you can dig.  Drop some conveyor belts and ladders and you’ve got yourself a great time.  Better yet, get and upgrade a jetpack and see what’s going on above the lab.  Trust me.  Do it.  Here’s how it looks:

On to today’s actual content about my boring-yet-fulling life:

Remember that whole, “new routine” I keep bringing up?  You don’t?  You never read this.  Well whatever, hit up the search if you’re interested in the backstory.  The gist is that I got stuck in a rut and I’ve been figuring out how to not be.  It’s going alright so far.  I’ve been making some progress with my health issues and I’ve been less of a dick lately.  I’ve also made some nice advances in my finances and home life.

Sticking with my home life, the latest is clearing out old shit.  I’ve done this before, but it always over complicates itself and gets shitty and I end up making very little progress.  Instead, I just end up re-organizing everything into slightly better piles and shoving them into different corners of different closets and drawers.  That really doesn’t do me any good.  So here’s my new approach:

And this is what I’m up to for a significant portion of this weekend.  I need to sort through my shit this weekend because I’m going to buy/build some storage and shelving next weekend.  And THEN I’ll be ready to follow through with the whole “paint my place” thing I keep threatening to do.  The rest of the weekend will be spent trying to get some semblance of exercise and not getting absolutely blackout drunk.

After several moves in my early-to-mid 20’s, most of which hastily accomplished, I really don’t have much of an idea of just what all I own.  It’s kind of crazy, really.  This gives me the added bonus of rediscovery of rad old things I’m missing and (better yet) a general lack of that stupid sense we all have to hang onto the useless shit we have.  I probably haven’t seen half of the things that I own in years, and they’re just hanging around, cluttering up my spaces.  I’ll be happy to see them one more time before getting rid of them forever.

The only things that concern me in regards to my own resolve are my toys – particularly my childhood toys.  I’ve already committed to keeping any and all of my Lego stuffs.  Part of this agreement with myself includes a better system of storage.  Whether I build or buy, there has to be some better way to hang onto those pieces.  Action figures and and any other random shit I come across may be more difficult.  I won’t want to let them go, but I can’t think of a practical reason to keep them around.  It’s unlikely that they would be cool as hand-me-downs, but I guess I’ll box them first, then decide what to do with them.  Of course, donation always remains an option.

Donation is what I plan to do with most of my clothes.  The thing is, I have started to approach the weight required to fit into my smaller clothes.  I’m pretty happy about that prospect, but it’s also making me realize just how long ago it was that I fit into them.  I’m not so sure that I have many articles of clothing for my goal weight that will be anywhere near being in style.  I find this a little upsetting.  Not that I’ll have to buy new clothes – I’ve already started budgeting for it and rather look forward to some minor change-ups in my person style.  It’s more… putting on my old shit was going to be part of my proverbial “Victory Lap”.  A few weeks or so after I hit my goal weight, I’d like to gallivant around in my old clothes a bit.  But, yo… that shit is old.  It’s out of style.  It’s faded.  Some of it is busted.  I need to get rid of it.

Anyway, if I come across anything interesting while I sort through my piles of past, I’ll be sure to post them here or tweet them or something.  Or, did you forget my about my Twitter account?  Right.  Follow me –

tl;dr – Play that free game; I’m spending my weekend organizing/cleaning and not dying as quickly as possible; I’m getting excited about painting my place

Also:  Oh, did you notice the fancy new “Share” button that’s floating around this bitch?  Yes, that’s right!  Now I’ve made it easier for you to share the stupid things that I put up here that you like!  Isn’t that just fantastic?!?  Just click that button and marvel at the dropdown menu containing icons for several popular social media outlets.  Then click on the social media you wish to share this on and follow whatever prompts it gives you.  MAGIC!  Hot, sexy magic!

I’m sometimes early and sometimes late when it comes to joining new web-based social media.  I will, however, say that I am almost always late on recognizing the value of these new venues.  I’ve joined one of the latest jim-jam – pinterest.  As with everything else, please come and join me.

My Extended Booty Call Forecast:

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  1. FIRST

    Plus the forecast is Hilarious. It closely resembles my own. Except I am married, so you know what that means.
    If she doesn’t want to “trip” and fall down the stairs again, it will be 100%.
    Unless my wife reads this. In that case I mean, if I don’t fall down the stairs. Now make me a sandwich. Just kidding, no really, I don’t like sleeping on the couch, it hurts my neck.

  2. I have a feeling my forecast is going to become increasingly sad over the next few weeks, but we’ll see what happens.

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