I Keep On Threatening To Get a Pet

I would really like a pet.  I have wanted a pet for some time.  I grew up with a pet, my childhood dog named Snowball.  She was some weirdo-mismatched breed of Labrador and… shit I don’t know, demon.  I think my brother and I used to perpetrate as if she was part wolf, which may have actually been true, at least in part.  The other part was never fully identified, at least as far as I know.  The most reasonable that I’ve heard was Husky.  Being that we lived in North Dakota and that bread was relatively common, I can buy it.  Plus, she straight up looked like one.

This is probably the biggest influence on what kind of dog I want now, along with the fact that I would much prefer a dog to any of the wide range of potential pets available.  Sticking with dogs, I don’t want any of the bulldog breeds.  True, part of this has to do with their many health problems.  Many bulldog breeds have terrible respiratory, muscular, and spinal issues, and I really don’t need that in my life, so yeah.  I don’t really want to get all emotionally invested in a dog that has a very high likelihood of fatal or debilitating illness.  Some of it has to do with typical behavior and demeanor, but there are plenty of Bulldog breads that have the personality qualities that I look for – strong and independent yet loyal and affectionate.

Almost none of my preference has to do with white-America’s common bias towards the Bulldog breeds.  Despite my frequent jests, I don’t actually believe that Pitbulls are killer dogs.  If you study the breeds at all or hang out with a family that has one, you’ll know just how bananas that bias is.  The vast majority of Pitbulls and other Bulldog breeds that I have come across have been very friendly and affectionate, including those rescued from bad environments.  For most of them, it doesn’t take much rehabilitation.  Just a bit of tenderness and understanding.

My preference mostly just has to do with how the dog looks.  I like the look of the wolfish and fox-like breeds.  I like the long, fluffy hair, the pointed ears, angled faces, straight noses.  I like the bright, intelligent eyes.  I like the facial expressions which range from fierce and protective to joyful and dopey.  I like big fluffy paws and long tails.  I like the crazy pattern and gradient color fur.  My favorite breeds are Siberian Huskies, Malamutes, and other Northern European and Asian “Spitz Type” dogs.  Thing is… they’re really fuckin’ big and often extremely energetic.  I also like both of those traits, but… dude, I live in a second floor condo.  Two bedroom.  I don’t have room for a bigass, always-hyper Siberian Husky to run its ass around and cause havoc.  So, okay, maybe it’s half-and-half.  Look & personality.  I feel like I’m confusing the issue here, but there it is.

The obvious alternatives are the smaller and medium Spitz dogs, like Akitas, Corgis, and sheep dogs.  Corgis are pretty cool and I like them a good deal, but I hear they have health problems and can be unintentionally rough with children.  Akitas are apparently a bit of a task to handle.  Jennifer of the blog Camp Thunderbunny suggested the breed Shiba Inu.  If you want to know what they look like, it’s the featured image of this post.  Or, you know… fuckin’ google it, as I did, and check out what I stole from funiespet.com.  From what I’ve seen and read so far, they seem like a pretty good choice.  I think I’ll look more into that and report back later.

Either way, you can all but be assured that it’ll be a rescue dog.  Not in the sense that I’m going to rush into a burning building filled with rampaging Michael Vicks who are indiscriminately tossing rape posts and skull crackings at puppies, and I daringly incapacitate those Vicks and heard the puppies out.  No.  That’s crazy.  Why would you suggest that?  I mean rescue in the sense that I’m going to go to a pet shelter and pay some money to adopt or some jazz like that.  I kind of feel like going to a breeder for a common-enough breed makes you kind of shitty.

tl;dr – I need to start hanging out at the local pet shelters and building a pet into my budget.

Although… I’ve also thought about getting a cat.  But that’s a different story.

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