I Shoulda Watched The Whole Game

Last night was the Super Bowl and, if you’re in America and/or from this land, I’m guessing you probably tuned in.  I don’t know any actual statistics about it, but colloquially it seems like about a 60/40 split of “here for the game”/”here for the commercials”.  I would have fallen into the second category at first and then transitioned into the first in the second half.  That didn’t really happen, though.

You see, I’m apparently some hippy-fuckstick-asshat.

I don’t get cable and I haven’t set up any way to receive over-the-air broadcasts.  I did this for very specific reasons.  Very specifically, I fucking hate the vast majority of garbage that comes across the cable feed or through the air.  I think it sucks and it’s trash.  A lot of the available programming actually disgusts me.  It’s abhorrent and I can’t believe that so many of you braindead worthless fucks watch so much of it.  It really blows my mind.

Even more so, the programming that I do like is becoming increasingly more available through the internet.  Often times, I can actually stream whatever I’m interested in directly from the internet to my bigass TV.  Most of those are for free and paying for those that aren’t has still kept me well below the cost of keeping cable.  I’ll talk more about this once I’ve finished up a bit of research and compiled some cost stats from my own budget.  For now, just know that I have not once regretted not having in home access to the traditional medias of broadcast or cable TV.

But I got pretty close to regretting it last night.  I streamed the first half of the game.  Actually, I really have to hand it to the NFL.  I tried to stream it last year but it was kinda choppy and the fidelity and interface were a bit not-so-great.  Thankfully I still had cable, as I was actually somewhat interested in that game.  This year I went into Sunday with barely any interest the game and no preference for either team.  As such, I figured I’d pop in on the stream to check out how the game was going and if any of the commercials were any good.  To my delight, NBC and the NFL have seriously stepped up their game on the internet.  In fact, if they can solve my one problem for next year’s broadcast, I think I might actually consider it the best way to watch, even for people who have the over-the-air.  I know how crazy that must sound, but really, it was pretty sweet.  The game was coming in perfectly clear and, from what I could tell by following some tweets, real time.  I could choose weather to watch the game from the main camera feed or one of the other major angles.  It also had a picture-in-picture with camera options.  It also had live stats on the side which also had selection options.  I could click on things and watch tweets right on screen and some other stuff that was cool but not useful enough to remember.

But I couldn’t watch the commercials.

I mean, I could.  I could always look them up or whatever, but instead of seeing the same commercials that all of you were seeing, I was watching the same two or three, really lame and shitty, mostly incomprehensible commercials for… I don’t know, some car company?  All I know for sure is that it was Rainn Wilson doing everything he could to try to get me to participate in some youtube marketing campaign that I couldn’t possibly care less about.  It was shit and I fucking hated it.  My hatred intensified over the half-time show.  You know why?  ‘Cause the streaming audience didn’t get the half-time show.  Instead, I was treated to a big-ol’ screen of “The Broadcast Will Resume Shortly” intermittent with dozens of Rainn Wilson’s stupid fucking face!!!

It was so fuck-off infuriating that I actually ended up shutting off the game.  Instead I played video games and watched old episodes of Star Trek and fell asleep on the couch for the third time in so many days – which will be a whole thing that I discuss in the future, I’m sure.

When I woke up around midnight and forced myself to get up and find my bed, I checked a few internets on the way, mostly twitter (find me at twitter.com/OneHoboWine).  It would appear that turning off the game, even sans commercials, was a mistake.  It seems like it turned into a rather eventful game and sounded like something I might actually enjoy.  I mean, I like a little sports drama from time to time.  I like Field of Dreams… yeah?  Well, whatever, the point is that I kinda regret having a half-experience for the first half and completely missing the second.  It looks like everything that I missed is now available online, and mostly in legit places.  I think I may try to catch up on it today/tonight.  But for the mean time, I remain a little salty.

tl;dr – I missed more than half of the game and all of the commercials because the streaming wasn’t the complete experience and I got fed up so I shut it off thinking I wouldn’t miss anything but now I realize that was a mistake.

Now suck it.