Playlist of the Month – February 2012

Woooooooooooo!!!!!!!  It’s the first of the month, and you know what that shit means, right?  OF FUCKING COURSE YOU DON’T, ‘CAUSE I’VE NEVER DONE IT BEFORE, BUT NOW I AM SO HERE IT IS BITCHES AARON’S NOTES PRESENTS: AARON’S PLAYLIST OF THE MONTH!!!


Brand spanking new stunt post feature here.  Every month I’ll post a new playlist that could, hypothetically, be burned to a “music” CD. You know, not one that’s just filled with MP3 stuff but rather the “CD Music” format.  So like… 80ish minutes.  Yeah.  Actually, I have no idea if my lists would fit on a CD.  Who the fuck uses CDs?  Here’s the first:

(wanna listen to the playlist while you do whatever it is that you do when you’re not reading this?  I’ve made it easy for you.  Click on this: Aaron’s Note’s February 2012 Playlist on Grooveshark)

Aaron’s Notes Presents: A Short Assortment of Chick Songs I’m Diggin’ Right Now

  1. Friends – Friend Crush
  2. Bleached – Searching Through the Past
  3. Class Actress – Weekend
  4. Dum Dum Girls – Coming Down
  5. Chairlift – Bruises
  6. Tennis – Origins
  7. Grimes – Oblivion
  8. Lana Del Rey – Video Games
  9. Mr. Little Jeans – The Suburbs
  10. Purity Ring – Lofticries
  11. St. vincent – Cruel
  12. Tennis – Tell Her No
  13. Yacht – Dystompia
  14. Dum Dum Eyes – Bedroom Eyes
  15. Wild Flag – Romance
  16. Lana Del Rey – You Can Be The Boss

I realize that I have a long road ahead of me when it comes to defending my musical tastes, but whateve’s.  You don’t have to like it.  Next month’s list should be a lot less unwieldy.  Let me give you a quick rundown on this month’s playlist.  First and foremost, there are a few artists that got represented twice.  This is because I goddamned like them.  Tennis is a husband/wife band that started in the something something because they something or other.  I don’t know, man.  It’s kind of muddy.  I know that their “big” album is a concept album.  The two sailed around the… coast?  world?  They sailed around something and the experience was a pretty big deal to them so they composed and recorded an album about it.  It’s pretty good and I’d suggest you go listen to the song Marathon off of that album – Cape Dory.  Fuck, that whole album is pretty good.  Origins is an original off of their new album, which I think was produced by one of the guys from The Black Keys and Tell Her No is a cover of The Zombies.  By the by – if you’re in the mood for some classic rock, don’t forget to add The Zombies to your playlist.

Dum Dum Girls is another group that got two songs on this list.  I just really like those songs.  I like a good couple others, but I’ve had a hard time finding their music on Spotify, which is my new music toy of choice, so there’s that.  Also… for some reason, the lead chick reminds me of my brother.  Not sure what that’s about.

Lana Del Rey is on here twice ’cause she’s fuckin’ awesome and it’s about time that you got with the program, motha fucka!  Seriously.  Her album dropped yesterday.  I bought it.  I haven’t paid for an album in fucking years.  And I’m happy I did it.  I got change back on a ten for a “digital deluxe” and it’s pretty damned good.  However… I’m not so sure I’d advise that you buy the album.  Rather, you might do better buying the individual tracks that you like or just listening to her on streaming services.  Also, I wouldn’t suggest you actually “watch” any of her music videos or performances.  It’s not like she’s ugly or anything, she’s actually quite attractive, just… there’s something kind of off about her.  And it’s more her attitude than her looks.  Like she’s a little disturbed or just hasn’t quite grown up.  I haven’t seen the infamous SNL performance, but I hear it was pretty bad.  You know?… I’m gunna go with that whole, “Hasn’t quite grown up”.  I’d be willing to bet that she had a “troubled” past, in the way that most suburban white girls might consider “troubled”.  I’d bet she got into fights in middle school and had been to juvey or some such stupid crap that makes her feel like she’s all hard and shit ’cause she dated a drug dealer – even though that guy really only dealt pot at cost and only to his five mouthbreather friends.  I don’t give a shit.  I don’t care that she may or may not be bullshitting people about her past or that she’s already made a seperate, somewhat different shot at being a musician.  I don’t give a shit that the internet, for some odd reason, suddenly fucking hates her.  In fact, I’m just gunna chalk that up to you hipster fucksticks loving to turn on anyone who makes it big.  I can’t fucking count the number of blogs or music websites that were sucking her proverbial dick half a month ago for the exact same songs that they now, so suddenly, consider mediocre pop-trash.  The second you got a chance to hate her before she could go “mainstream” you spun around quicker than Superman pretending to be Mike Hagar.  I stand by her song writing and overall musical abilities.  If you really think that she’s all-of-a-sudden not good, then you need to take a long hard listen to the musicians that you’ve deified, ’cause a lot of them were actually pretty fucking shitty.  Stop fronting.  She’s really good and I hope that you give her a chance.  That album is maybe a 6 or 7 out of ten.  That’s more than I can say for the last dozen albums I spent money on (or the several dozen that my friends “Shmaaron” stole from the internet).  As such, I can’t recommend the whole album.  But a handful of her songs are fucking 11’s.  Boom.

I haven’t heard a lot from most of the other bands on this list.  Honestly, a lot of what I have heard hasn’t really been my thing.  I feel like that’s a sometimes-precursor to a band becoming popular and their original fans thinking that they sold out or have, somehow, always been bad (see above).  Take Metallica.  I love Metallica and would listen to any album (before that shitty St. Anger pile of…) anytime.  But when I think “Metallica”, I don’t think “And Justice For All…”  I only really think of a few songs before the Black Album because, really, most of their earliest works are kind of piss-poor.  Yeah, you’re right, One is fucking amazing.  Ride the Lightning kicks ass.  But calm down, ’cause Don’t Tread On Me is just okay and Four Horsemen is just sad.  Most of the songs on those first few albums were just empty husks of notes that came out really well because the musicians were so filled with emotion that we just couldn’t help but feel it.  The songs were okay but became great because of the people, emotion, and energy behind them.  And while I’m sure that there are plenty of bands that do sell out, I’d wager that most of the time, it’s actually just that they found their voice.  I know how touchy feely that must sound, but I really feel that to be any kind of artist, performer, or entertainer, you need to find your voice.  Your voice.  Your vibe.  Your style.  Otherwise, you’re just mimicking someone else’s style, like God Smack’s first album.

My best example of a pre-voice feel (though I may be completely wrong on this) is that song Lofticries by Purity Ring.  I haven’t heard a lot of their music but what I have heard has been really, super-mega, absolutely not for me.  I want to say that it sucks, but I really can’t because it seems pretty well done.  Just not something done for my musical pallet.  But Lofticries tastes just about right to me.  It’s warm and pulled out of the oven at just the right time.  Purity Ring took a few standard ingredients and combined them with a few that seem exotic to me without getting all, “it’s fusion” about it.  The songs flavor rests perfectly on my earhole’s soundbuds… I really need to cut this analogy off before it gets over seasoned.  Anyway, I could say the exact same thing about Yacht, Mr. Little Jeans, and Bleached.  Most of their stuff isn’t for me, but I can really dig into these specific songs with a knife and fork and who the shit needs a napkin.  Cheeseburger pizza.

Friends, Class Actress, Chairlift and Wild Flag are a little different.  I’ve found that I like a lot of their music but I also think I might have a hard time trying to sell anyone I know on them.  I have a similar feeling about St. Vincent, but a little more so.  So far, Cruel really is my favorite song by her, but it’s also the least… um… weird.  I’d like to suggest Surgeon, Marrow, and Cheerleader, but man… those songs get weird.  She has done some really great covers, too, but always with at least a few flecks of weird in them.  However, I don’t get the feeling that she’s being weird just for the sake of being weird – something that I really don’t care for.  Then again, there’s one chick on this list that I’m not so sure I can say that about.

In fact, I’m not so sure that I even like her music, which is the main reason that I include it on this list.  I think this song is probably her best, but I don’t know if I actually enjoy it or if it’s even good.  There’s a pretty high chance that I just like it because it’s A) different and B) technically incredible.  It’s technically incredible to me because, from what I understand, the lady did the whole song and all of her songs just using the perloaded Garage Band software on her Mac Book.  That kind of blows my mind.  Then again, the song is weird as shit.  All of her songs are weird as shit.  She’s weird as shit, too, and I’m not so sure if she’s a genuine weirdo or if she’s putting on an act of weird.  Or worse, being weird just for the sake of weird.  It’s also very difficult to understand her in the vast majority of her songs, ever more when she starts doing that crazy-chick-baby-voice thing.  It kinda makes my skin crawl.  But in a good way?  Maybe.  I don’t know.  Let me know what you think, though.

tl;dr – I’m starting a new bit where I share a playlist with you every month.  Check out this one, and listen to the songs for free by following the link above the list.  You might not like them all but I hope you find at least one that you do.  Oh… and sorry about Grimes. I really don’t know what the fuck I’m thinking.

And another thing – what’s up with music videos?  Are they popular again, or is this just some thing where the current batch of musicians grew up on them and really just want to make a few?  And why is Vimeo the hot place to exclusively release your shit?  The fuck is going on?  I want answers!