Hey… this is that internet blackout day, right?  Well… I meant to look into how to blackout my sad little blog, but didn’t look into it very hard.  I’ve also been planning on actually reading the bills in question, but planning isn’t actually doing.  I know some bits of each.  Not enough to explain it to someone else, just enough to know that they at least sound really bad.  Enough to guess that I probably know a shitload more about the subject than those who drafted these bills.  So… I don’t know.  You should probably look them up.  If you aren’t going to read the actual bills themselves, then you should consider finding takes from multiple sources.  Don’t trust any single source and don’t stick to your normal, “these couple of websites” ways.  Other views are important to consider.

tl;dr – I put da sopa on ma skin and clean ma pipa witha… eehhhh.  Really can’t put my heart into this pun-tastic string of dumb.

Why is is “Shit, Shower, Shave”?  I always usually shower before both.  It should be “Smirk, Shave, Shit, Shower.”  Who comes up with this stuff?