Workshopping some ideas

And I think I may just go ahead and lay a few out there for the Friday post, but no promises.

First thing’s first – I have made progress on my “Porn Stars That I Actually Enjoy” list.  I thought it would be a really weak top five, but after some… um… research… ahem.  After some research, I think I may actually have a pretty strong top ten list.  I’m debating how I want to handle it, though.  I think that the main section of this site needs to remain safe for work.  That leads me into the subject for today.

I’ve been toying with the idea of removing the NSFW section of the blog.  I’m not going to completely get rid of it but rather re-position it.  Either it will become a site all of its own, a sub-domain of this site, or I will utilize a free service that doesn’t mind having porn on it.  Frankly, the whole reason that section isn’t more fleshed out (heh) is because I’m afraid that having some of the things I’d like to post would automatically trigger page blockers and filters that some companies employ.  Namely the company that I work from.  I get more than my share of work done on a regular basis, so I’m not terribly concerned that I sometimes write these from my desk at my day job.  While I’d like my routine to include writing these from home a bit more than it does now, it isn’t a major priority in my life.  Certainly not as much of a priority of just keeping this thing updated.  I’m honestly kind of salty with myself for not keeping my my three-posts a week promise over the holidays and work-weirdness, which is why being able to write from my desk remains important.  Plus… I don’t know, they just don’t seem to fit in tone.  Or maybe I’d just like them not to fit in tone.  I don’t want my blog where I occasionally delve into very serious subjects (very infrequently) to become a porno dumping ground.

As far as the other ideas go, I’m starting to feel like I know what to do with the whole “more content” thing.  I will get back to doing an audio-something that is Aaron’s Notes-ish, but it won’t be the Gut Loss stuff.  I may start doing video, but I’m pretty sure it won’t be blog stuff.  It’ll be some of my wacky bullshit that I sometimes share with others.

You know what?  Let’s fire off a few that I’ve already started working on:

  • More playlists and general music talk.
  • More Science and math talk
  • More “I fucking hate X thing” talk
  • More driving talk
  • More sex talk
  • More sexy talk
  • Less “I’m a sad, sad clown who’s sad and pitiful” talk
  • Less “Ah shit, I need to post something” instances
  • More finishing what I started
  • More of what you want (as in, I’m taking requests)
  • More pictures
  • More sketches
  • Less shitty, pointless pictures taken at the last minute at my desk (like today’s picture)… unless that’s what ya’lls want…?
  • Less pervy
  • And yet more pervy.  Figure that shit out
  • New features
  • Re-visiting some old features
  • More doin’ your mom
  • Less doin’ your mom’s mom
  • More fun shit.  Paperkraft, origami, recipes, instructions for crazy shit you can do at home.  Like make Pruno.
  • Making Pruno.  There.  I said it.  At some point in 2012, I will resume brewing hobo wine, makeshift beer, and will once again try my hand at Pruno.
  • Drinking Pruno.  That one should probably be a video.

tl;dr – Fuck, now I have to come up with an actual post for Friday!  The fuck was I thinking?

Ultimately, this is my blog and in many ways a journal for my weirdball thoughts, so I’m going to keep doing it how I want.  That being said, I like having regular readers/listeners/suckers.  If there’s something I do that I didn’t mention in that list, feel free to let me know.  If there’s something on that list that you hate, same deal.  If there’s something that I’ve never done but you’d like me to, that’s cool too.

The comments system should be working better now, so go ahead and use it.  Sorry if any of your comments from 2011 were lost… shit got pretty fucked up.  If you aren’t getting your comments through, you can still email me at or follow my ass at  Hitmeup, bitches.