I hope everything still looks good on your side, ’cause my side is fucked…

So in case you were wondering how it is that my blog looks all rad and shit, lemme tell ya’ – I cheat.

I use WordPress.

I guess that isn’t really cheating.  I mean, a lot of people use WordPress, and I do a lot more with it on my blog than most.  Still, it’s not like I’ve actually gone and designed the whole damned thing from bottom to top.  Instead, I’ve taken some fancy-dancy templates and tailored them to my liking.  Just add water content.

WordPress is pretty great and I like it and blah, blah, suckitsdick, blah.  It’s also well supported, which I find more and more important each day.  Usually, when I install the latest update, it makes my blogging life easier than it was the day before.  This time, it’s jacked me up real good.

My blog isn’t the only WordPress-based site I use and/or maintain, so I’ve gotten a look at how the update is supposed to be.  It’s pretty awesome, actually.  But it just doesn’t work right on my blog.  Huge bummer.  It must be the theme I’m using.  I hope it isn’t the customization jazz I’ve used.  I hope even more that the creator of said theme will post an updated version that’s compatible with the updated WordPress so that I don’t have to go through the pain of choosing a new theme and tweeking it to my liking.

Sooner or later, I’m going to do that anyway.  I just don’t want to do it every couple months.  More like once or twice a year.  And I like it on my terms, not because the software is so fucked up that I have to.

This fucktardedness is slowing me down a bit, so… sorry ahead of time if Friday’s blog kinda sucks.  Anyway, that’s the digs.

tl;dr – the admin side of my blog is all fucked up and I’m using it as an excuse to post some so-so bloggings.

Sorry for all of the “inside baseball” talk.  Although, if you like it, I can do more.  Yes.  I am that kind of a whore.