About Some Indy Music

I hate it when the lead singer fucks it up.

The music is fantastic.  The instruments are all on point and mix together just right.  The energy for the song is at the right level.  Everything flows well.  It immediately feels like, “Man, this is a good song” and I’m all ready to completely love it, and then I hear the lead singer do his best impersonation of some guy trying to be in between Weezer and Cake and I just want to punch his shitty face in.  Fuck you and your bullshit, pretending to hide passion, stuffy, dickhead voice.  Knock that shit off and sing like a person.

This happens in all musically genres.  I might actually like Lil’ Wayne if he didn’t do his thing in some strange, alien, trippin’ balls voice.  However, I think this is most prevalent in the Indy scene – a scene which I abhor but of which’s music I adore. Here’s my current example: Los Campesino – By Your Hand.  This song should be fucking great, but it ain’t.  Why?  ‘Cause shitty-shitface-McShit can’t get over his desperate need to be a hipster.

I have to wonder why that happens so much more in the Indy scene… but I really don’t have time to spend on it today, so I suppose I’ll just ponder it for a while.  Until then, remember this – don’t sing that way.

tl;dr – Great band, stupidly effected vocal style, knock it the fuck off ’cause you’re ruining your own song.

You know, I recorded a song the other day.  Not bad, but my drum skills… man.  Much to be desired.