Hey, I gotta post from work real quick

Why, I don’t “gotta”, but I’m “gunna” ’cause I didn’t yesterday or Friday and that’s a shitty way to treat my three times a week blog, yeah?  Yeah.  Here’s the deal – shit is busy, but shit is mostly good.  It’s funny, I finally feel like I’m not in a terribly shitty place this year, but everyone I work with feels like they’re either going to get fired or that they need to quit.  I don’t get that.  The shit they do is needed and difficult to replace.  The shit our bosses are asking us to do might not be easy and might be a bit more than we have time for, but that’s life.  Really – what jobs did they have before coming here where so little was asked of them?

I know that we – employees of the company I work for – have been spoiled.  Especially my department.  we’ve been droppin’ baskets of curly fries and just going on about our day.  New guy comes in, we train him off of memory whenever something new arises.  We didn’t used to count down our roast beef slabs or restock the Horsey Sauces.  Now we have to.  Guess what – so does everyone else.  If you go into another job, it’s probably going to be worse.  The only difference to be had is working in the field of your choice.  You know the saying, “If you do something you love you will never work a day in your life”?  It’s a bit an an exaggeration, for sure, but not by a lot.  That saying clearly came from someone who did a lot of jobs he didn’t like before finding one he did.

I can’t stand retail.  Fucking hate it.  But it’s really not that much work.  Depending on which establishment your do your retail work at, it might be a bit physical labor intensive.  Sure.  There’s a lot of standing, a lot of walking, and maybe a lot of lifting.  Those parts might suck for most, but those were honestly the parts that I didn’t mind.  Get some good shoes and pair of sturdy gloves.  It’s the dealing with customers part that I hated.  It’s the dog-eat-dog competition between managers that I hated.  It’s working with and getting paid the same as someone who can barely hold a conversation, let alone run a register.  I can’t stand that.  I have talent, drive, and knowledge.  If I work for you – utilize that.  That might happen in retail, but I often find that it only happens when you play the politics and dirty attacks.

In the office world (yeah, I don’t actually work in a controversially delicious fast food sandwich chain), there is plenty of politicing to be had.  But you can also get noticed on merit.  Sometimes this isn’t true, but I feel like it is here.  Well… maybe it’s a bit of both.  Anyway, I’m starting to spiral away from my original point and I really need to wrap this up and get back to work.

I don’t mind the extra shit as long as I and/or my co-workers/department get(s) credit for that shit.  We have always worked hard when we needed to.  We don’t want to do that every day, but if it means a bump up in pay or some jazz, then it’s not a big deal.

tl;dr – that was maybe not my best rant/ramble.  Work is fine, and I need everyone to stop freaking out.

I gotta do more of these from home.

OH- the picture.  That’s my water bottle.  I know it probably has BPA.  I don’t give a shit.  It went to Iraq with me and was among the equipment that carried me home.  Now I’m letting it help carry me through my health issues.  Here’s to hopin’, right?