Where the fuck have I been?

On another impromptu break.  Sorry about that – I should really either stop doing it or start writing shit ahead of time.  This goes double for the gut loss audio program that I’ve been half-assed doing.  I’ve started a new phase in the gut loss thing, and it’s going alright so far.  Nothing significant though, so I’m keeping it a bit under wraps for a little while.  I’ll say exactly what it is when something happens, whether it be some good progress or definitively finding out that it very much isn’t for me.

I’ve been pretty busy but not so much with anything that would be interesting to report.  A lot of projects at work have been requiring more than the standard 8 hour work day in order to complete, and they keep piling up.  Seems the higher ups didn’t entirely learn the mistakes from the “let’s do everything ever right now and come up with more while we’re at it” fiasco from earlier this year.  Oh well.  You just do whatever you can, right?

On my spare time, I did a little dating.  That went poorly.  Mostly because when I started talking to the dates, I found myself uninterested.  Also – you know that notion that fat and/or ugly chicks have better personalities because they “have to”?  Yeah… that’s not been my experience.  Additionally, there was a really smokin’ hot chick that went on a date with me even though I am currently a fat ass mess.  Something about her seemed odd, though…  I went to dinner at Champps with a lady.  That was a mistake.  I also had a “date”.  That went alright, but in the morning she got all weird.  Occupational hazard, I suppose.

I completely stopped watching TV (unless Netflix counts), haven’t seen any movies in the theater later, and have been playing the fuck out of video games.  I’ll have some more to share on that later.  Remind me to form an opinion on “Catherine”.  I’m pretty wishy-washy on it right now.  Here are two quick hits – Modern Warfare 3 is another Modern Warfare game and if you happen to like those games, you might want to go ahead and pick this one up.  Elder Scrolls: Skyrim is fucking amazing, and if you like “Western Style” RPGs, you should… you know what?  Fuck you if you don’t.  Pick this shit up and watch the crazy happen.  I’ll DEFINITELY have more to say about that.  Preview: Playing in character (you know, role playing?), after tracking down a few too many crazy-assed-things, I went to a bar for a mead and a song.  Some dude challenged me to a drinking contest.  I, of course, accepted.  A few drinks later and my character blacked out.  I woke up in an unfamiliar temple being scolded by a priestess for stumbling in and throwing trash everywhere.  I picked up my trash, apologized, and asked what happened.  I guess my challenger-turned-drinking buddy and I got shitty, somehow ended up there, and split up.  That dude?  Who knows where he went.  That temple I was in?  Totally different city from where we started drinking.  HALFWAY ACROSS THE MAP!!!  How the fuck did we even get there?

I’ve had a head cold for the last week or so, but that’s starting to clear up.  I need to hurry up and record another episode of Gut Loss, but… you know, gimme a sec.  My schedules have been all dicked up and it’s been hell getting into a new groove.  On top of that, I’ve been taking some time off ’cause I need to or I’ll lose those days.  I’m not down with that.  Alright, I gotta get the fuck out of here.  I’ll make some actually good posts later.

tl;dr – Sorry for not updating followed by some pretty piss poor excuses.

Also – buttsecks.

I had some.  I also did another round of tittyfucking.  I’m now certain that fucking titties is, in fact, fun.  However, most of the fun in novelty.

OH RIGHT!!! I’ve been participating in Movember.  That means that shaved my face (bearded version pictured) and am growing just my terrible mustache for the month of November.  It’s for charity/awareness.  I need to spend some time making sure this hasn’t changed, but when I first checked out the charity a year or so ago, it looked like the vast majority of the funds went to research and actual health matters.  I think awareness is on the cusp of being bullshit, and I don’t like many of my funds going to administrative costs.  I’m pretty sure you can check out all of that for yourself on the website.

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