Gotta start playing catch up

And it ain’t happening today, so I’ll just float this teaser out there – that list of porn stars that I actually enjoy watching?  Jenna Haze is not on that list.  She has been in the past, so I might suggest you give that a shot (ha).  However, there are some videos I’ve seen her in that kinda turn me off.  More so, some up close viewings of her at strip clubs have really turned me off.  To be fair – it’s not her looks.  I think she actually looked better in person then on film.  The problem is some of the things that she does and some of the songs she dances to on stage… she seems really fucked up.  Certain levels of crazy are fine by me for a lady that I might date and even more acceptable in a chick I might just knock boots with.  Certain levels.  Not her level.

I also don’t much care for male-male-female threesomes.  I really don’t care for scenes where a girl is being banged by more than two dudes.  That’s gross and a chick that does that is not a chick for me.  My memory and active imagination won’t let me just ignore such things when I watch porn, and I like to enjoy my porn in a particular way.  I wonder how other guys enjoy their filth, ’cause if it’s the same for them as it is for me, then I don’t get them at all.  I like to imagine myself in that porn.  I’m that guy.  If there are a bunch of guys, I don’t want to be there.  In real life and in porn, I don’t want to be inside of a chick that some other dude is also inside of.

I know that’s hypocritical as I would absolutely love it if a dozen chicks jumped into bed with me at once.  That sounds fantastic.  I also know that if I were serious with a chick and found out that she had been in some three-four-fivesome situation or worse, I’d be weird about it for a while, but I’d get over it.  On the other hand, if I found out in the first month or so and hadn’t become that attached, I would probably stop pursuing.  I really don’t know, though.  It’s never happened.  Frankly, I really don’t want to know about the sexy-times a lady has had before me.  Is that odd?

Let’s get back on track and wrap this up.  When I see a chick in a porn take two cocks up her ass at the same time, all of her scenes ever are basically ruined for me forever.  So many thing about that are super gross, but the main thing is that you have to be pretty fucked up to be okay with doing that on camera, for money, with the typically gross dudes that do porn.  The very thought of my tongue, dick, or even fingers being anywhere near such a woman’s bits or pieces is a total boner killer for me.  And that’s really that.

tl;dr – Jenna Haze is a fine looking woman who’s porn I once enjoyed but no longer can.  Also, if you do double anal, you’re disgusting.

By the by, that goes for dudes, too.  I don’t bang dudes, sure, and I can’t really speak for those who do.  But from a perspective of just, I don’t know, respect or something…? if you are a dude that double teamed a girl – fine.  We were all young once.  If you are a dude that double-analed a girl – not fine.  Fuck off you gross weirdo.