Been a bit busy, been a bit sparse

And I’m working on managing my time a little better so I can do some of the shit I would like to.  As it pertains to this – writing posts that I really want to & doing shit that I want to which could turn into subject matter for the blog.

I missed yesterday’s post and tomorrow’s might be a little short, too… unless I can get to it tonight.  So here’s just a quick “what’s up in my life, and shit”:

  • At work – my department is moving out of our custom built office over to a smaller, semi-custom work room and a handful of cubicles.  ‘Cause, you know, that makes perfect sense.
  • Also at work – I’ve finished the meat of the event thing that’s been fuckin’ with me, but now I’m busy wrapping up the loose ends and getting together the “report out”.  The last meeting about it involving a bunch of bosses, bosses’ bosses, bosses’ bosses’ bosses, and executives.  Fun.
  • At home – I’ve actually started scheduling my chores.  How fuckin’ lame is that?  I’ll probably talk more about that later.
  • In general – I restarted my fast/cleanse thing today.  It’s only 9 AM, so I don’t really know yet, but so far so good.
  • In general – I’m fuckin’ tired and really need to get to bed at a reasonable time tonight.
  • At home – I think I’ve decided on a color scheme to paint my place.  More on that later.
  • In your mom – me.
tl;dr – just a quick recap of some shit that I is/was/be doing.
Actually, I’m not all that into the whole “MILF” thing.  Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely moms out there that I would love to fuck.  However, their being moms does not excite me.  In fact, call me an asshole if you must, but the status of being a mom often diminishes their hotness in my eyes… though that might just be young, single moms.  Something about being a single mom at 19 really turns me off.  I’m not really sure if it bothers me in other situations… hmm…
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  1. I’ve noticed a lot of MILFs here in Korea. It’s actually pretty insane how prevalent it is here. I never regarded any moms in the US as attractive, but here I sometimes see smoking hot women who look like they are college freshman, and then I notice they have a little kid walking beside them. Talk about cognitive dissonance.

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