Back to a slightly more normal schedule

Got up this morning, played with myself a bit, did some poopin’, showered, made lunch and morning coffee, had breakfast while I recorded a new episode of Gut Loss, and headed out… then headed back because I forgot to brush my teeth.

I got into work later than I prefer, but not too terribly.  It’s Friday and I’m not that far from this week’s finish line.  I will be doing one of those cleanse things this weekend.  I have a shitload of work, but a lot less than I have had.  Here’s what I have planned for my immediate future:

  • Finish gathering/deciding on a donation pile
  • Finally get rid of my old mattress
  • Full-on cleaning through my place
  • Decide on that color scheme I keep planning for
  • Get back on my meal plan/exercise schedule
  • Complete my list of Porn Stars Who I Actually Enjoy Watching the Porn Of (working title)
  • Make sure I’ve got all my shit together for my current work projects
Sorry for being so lite on content this week.  I’ll see about making up for it next’n.