Might not be a post on Wednesday

And today’s is going to be short.  I’m writing from home on Sunday evening.  I’m about to head into work for what won’t be my first time this weekend.  I have a whole thing kicking off tomorrow… which, I guess you all of you reading this now, will have been a few hours ago, or…?  Time is fuckin’ stupid.

Anyway, this is likely to completely consume my Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  There is a chance that my Thursday and Friday will be fine, but that’s just a chance.  It is fairly likely that I will have a whole lot of subject, but equally likely that I will be too busy and/or fried to give enough of a shit to blog about it.  If I’m lucky, I’ll at least be able to remember that shit when I do get my time back.

This thing kicking off tomor… earlier today and shit is a pretty big deal.  Not so much for the company, but for me.  It’s the first of what I expect to be several such events that I am likely to run, and I’d like it to at least go well.  That way I won’t completely dread the next one.  It’s worrisome, though, as this even is taking place during an already busy time at work on top of a few extra projects coming together, plus the whole thing where a few co-workers are swapping jobs and shit.  Plus, the whole thing kinda just fell in my lap, and I had to figure out what to do with it from scratch.  Everything was about how I wanted it before I left for home on Friday night, but there were a few extra things I wanted to have prepared for day one.  I planned to get those all together this weekend, and did work on it a bit, but really didn’t make much headroom.  As of about half an hour ago, I now know exactly how I want to handle those things and how to accomplish those goals, but I’m fucking exhausted (my own fault – mostly not work related) and it’s already 7 PM.  I need to be in the place to start making this work around 8:30 AM and won’t be able to do fuck-else from about 9:45 AM until about 4:30 PM.  Not that the last part matters, I mean… if I’m going to get this stuff done, it needs to be done by about 8:30ish.  That’s just how it is.  I’m also powerful hungry, but I just cleaned my kitchen kinda deep and don’t really want to dick it up.  I’m losing track of my point.

Here’s where I am right now (7 PM Sunday before the thing on Monday morning) – I can either not do this semi-extra thing, still be able to pull off a totally fine event, and get some well needed rest – OR – I can forgo this rest that I know I can just power through and make it so shit looks great and super-polished.  I guess that by the time you’re reading this, all of that will be done.  I’ll either have done the thing or not and my event will be well underway.  I’m sure it will go fine.  Still.  This shit is stressful, yo.

tl;dr – don’t expect a post on Wednesday and why.

There was some other shit, but I really don’t remember what.  I could really go for some titties in my face right now.