Just a check in

So I’ve got more to say but less time to say it.  In the mean time, I’ll just share that I had a pretty weird dream.  Actually, I have shitloads of fucked up dreams all the time.  However, most of those are like super-disturbing and I’d rather not share it.  I am, however, happy to share whacky-balls-odd ones.  I like to keep it to a minimum, though, because noone gives a fuck about your dreams.  Noone.  Shut the fuck up about it, and if you have to share your dreams, do it quickly.  Keep it fucking brief.  I don’t have all day.

So the dream basically started with me coming home and feeding my cat – which I have apparently had for some time by the start of this dream.  I don’t actually have a cat in real life.  Anyway, I’m taking care of the cat when I remember that my roommate – who is somehow Master Shake from Aqua Teen Hunger Force – is a total asshole and love to torture animals.  Especially cats.  So the rest of the dream is basically me trying to hang out with/take care of my cat while shooing away Master Shake with an olde-timey broom.  It ended when I gave him a black eye and made him cry.  Perfect sense, right?

tl;dr – Master Shake deserved it.

That’s a pretty tame one for me.