The Busy Continues…

So it’s fucking Friday and I’m super busy.  More so now than before, but at least the conceptual direction that I have is more clear.  I’m also a little hung over because I decided to have some drinky-poos last night.  I can’t promise I won’t ever say “drinky-poos” again, but I will agree not to use it on a regular basis.  The drinks hit me a lot harder last night – likely because it’s been a while since I’ve had more than two beers in one sitting on top of my considerable lower calorie diet.

Today is pretty much fucked.  I’m going to get as much work as I possibly can get done this morning and may have to pop back in on the weekend.  I just have too much to do and noone can really help me.  Well… one person could be more helpful, but it’s hard to blame him as he is supposed to be heading off and his new area is pretty well leaving him out to dry.  What a piss-poor plan for a transition with piss-poor timing.

I have to lightning work this morning because the afternoon is stolen by a company picnic and I’m already in late.  Plus now I’m wasting time writing this.  At least I knew what I wanted to say, so this will end up taking less than ten minutes.  Tonight I’m going with some friends to see porn star Jenna Haze do awful things to herself on a stage that is also a bar and has poles connecting it to the ceiling.  It’s become an odd tradition – we all go and watch her assturbate and websling bodily fluids at Fantasy’s.

tl;dr – I’m busy, tired, a little hung over, and my day is fucked.  At least I should have some fun tonight watching a porn star try her best not to break any local ordinances.

Alright, back to work with it.