Quick Check-in

I’m trying to get some shit done with my life, and it’s difficult.  A lot of important things are coming together around the same time, and scheduling them out is very difficult.  Plus, I need to finish up a few projects that I started a while ago.  I’m about halfway through a list I wrote here a while back, but the list has started to grow again.  This includes a continued desire to update the look and feel of this blog and a renewed desire to make a book for my niece.  She’s a sweet kid and seems to love books.  She has clear favorites, and I think my brother is getting pretty tired of re-reading The Lorax a few hundred times a night.

Also, I have purchased groupons or groupon-like gift certificates for a weightloss thing and an acupuncture thing.  I know I’ve been to acupuncture once before, but I don’t remember much more than feeling better when I left.  Anyway, I need to schedule appointments for both of those things.  It will be good to have my time filled up with productive and healthy activities again.  Still, it’s a little strange.

I had a booty-call fall through this past weekend.  That was a real bummer.  I could really use the banging time right now.  It does wonders for my stress levels and confidence.

tl;dr – First world problems.

On top of that, I’m salty at one of the vending machines at the office.  It’s one of those machines with lanes large enough to hold sandwiches.  Some of the lanes are split in two so they can hold a shit-load of cans of beverages.  The one with V8 is split with Orange Juice.  I am currently in the mood for a nice, cold V8 and not at all for OJ.  But the whole lane shares one code.  So it’s a gamble.  I could end up with either, and I don’t have change on me to just buy both.  I guess I could… grab some change from my car.  That has to be the single lamest complaint I have ever had.