Eastcoast Earthquake or: How I Learned to Not Give a Shit and Ignore the Scared

In case you didn’t know, we had an Erfquake here on the East Coast of the good ol’ US of A.  We don’t really get those on a regular basis.  Directly after it, I sunk into a googling hole for a hot minute until I remembered that I had a shitload of work still left to d0.  Actually, I ultimately ended up taking the work home with me because our building was evacuated.  I think that was maybe an overreaction, but I guess businesses should probably try to be responsible or something…  Call me a dick, but I think it’s really crazy how much people were losing their shit hours after the quake.  The first few minutes, yeah it’s a bit crazy.  We never have that here, and that one felt pretty scary.  Let’s all shit our pants together, talk about it for a hot second, and then pull ourselves back together and get the fuck on with our days.

Speaking of getting the fuck on with our days – I haven’t put the drink on pause just yet, but I did slow down one more notch.  The weekend was a bit rough, but the last few nights have been productive and pleasant.  Also, I was planning on trying another BK breakfast this morning.  Instead, I just toasted an English muffin at home and brought it with me to work.

In the background - my hipster-assed coffee cup and filthy-assed keyboard.

The picture thing is starting to come along.  The website change is slow.  I also made some progress on a few of my home projects, but nothing exciting.  I also seem to have picked up the wrong sized bathroom fan… probably should have measured first.

As far as dirtiness, the skinny black chick thing happened but only kind of.  While we both did… uh… finish, we did so entirely on foreplay type activities.  So, you know, no buttsecks.  I have some knew musings on the gettin’s of it on’s, but I’d like to collect my thoughts on them before posting.

tl;dr – Don’t give a fuck, have made some progress, will make some more, and how about that muffin?  Right?  You like yours toasted?

Alright, I gotta get my ass back to work.  Have a good’n.