Should I go on Booze Break?

This thought pops up in my wacky head from time to time.  You may remember when I posted the thing about needing a new routine sometime last year.  I have made a lot of changes and drinking changes have been a part of that.  I like the booze, but it jacks me up something fierce.  Plus, this weight loss this is a real son of a bitch.  Actually, the weight loss is the main motivation.

The thought of not drinking at all is somewhat difficult for me to contemplate.  This is mostly because of the social element.  While drinking has become a normal part of my at-home entertainment, it isn’t ingrained in it.  It’s not like listening to Nine Inch Nails and playing Diablo or Quake – in other words, I can ditch the booze while I game/watch/listen.  As for the going out or hanging with friends thing, however, that is a bit more of a deal.  Virtually every social event has the boozes flowing like waterfalls, much like whipped cream flows at some other social events… what?  I know that either drinking or stopping the drink must sound like crazy sauce to some people, but I don’t think I’m alone on this.  The real question is “to what degree do I put the breaks on”?

In the end, I would still want to drink from time to time, but I need to drink less.  Actually, that’s already started, and “Scum Week” actually helped out.  An event like that kind of breaks a person’s desire for things.  I’d say I’m already at half of what I was last year… which really only highlights how terribly my relationship with the booze has been the past few years.  Right now I’m thinking I’ll only have booze out.  And I think I should start this today.  I don’t have any booze in my place and I don’t have any heavy drinking events on the horizon.  I think I start today and see where it takes me.

Speaking of things that I said I would do, here it is: I’m at 258 right now.  It sucks ass, but it’s my own fault.  Plus, it’s still better than the 300 I was at a while back.  My goal weight is 200.  I’m making decisions on how to get there by the summer of 2012.  I’m looking into some rapid weight loss programs, but the booze cutting comes first.

tl;dr – So I guess this is just me stating in a public forum that I’m back to reducing my time with the creature.

Also, I saw this on the internet and you HAVE to see it, too.

The Booty Call Forecast for this weekend is: Skinny Black Chick.  Of course, nothing is ever for certain with a booty call and tomorrow is promised to noone, but I’m really looking forward to it.

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