The First Annual Scum Week.

I’m writing this in haste, but I promised and I’ve been breaking too many promises lately, so here’s a quick rundown.

Shortly after my “roommate” moved out, I decided to have a week to relive being the piece of shit that I once was.  I know there are some around me who likely think I haven’t changed at all but there are others who now regard me as a completely different person from who I was just a few years ago.  I personally think my change lies somewhere in between.  I’ve made some big changes in my life, and not just financially.  I’ve dug deep down into the core of “me” to take a look at just what I’m made of.  Turns out I’m made from some pretty shitty building materials, and even the parts made from good, sturdy Oak have been abused and without maintenance, leaving them to rot.  I refuse to continue to be that person, and I want to achieve major change by my mid-thirties.  I think I’ve said so much before on this here blog before, though maybe not so explicitly.

Anyway, a lot of this change involves cutting out bad behavior.  Or rather, behavior that I don’t like in me.  Whether it is because I find it self destructive, or it goes against my core beliefs, or just because I see other people doing it and I fucking hate it.  Furthermore, there are things that I never have and likely never would do without a reason, though I don’t really see them as terrible.  “Scum Week” was an idea that I came up with to revisit some of the shitty things about me and get a taste for some of the “eh” things in life in general, but I have rules about even that.  Basically, it could only last one full week.  I couldn’t do anything truly illegal or immoral.  I couldn’t, by doing this dumb shit, destroy my day-to-day life.

I know, this is already starting to sound lame, but trust me – some serious shit went down.  “What kind of shit?” FUCKIN’ WAIT, I’M GUNNA TELL YA!

Christ, calm down, people.  *Ahem* – I picked up a fat chick from Craigslist just so I could titty fuck her.

Run and tell that, homeboy.

tl;dr – just a little backstory and preview about a stupid thing that I did.  Full rundown on Friday.

Yeah, but really.  It was pretty fun.

This week’s bootycall forecast – Cloudy.  Might be some light blowjays Friday night.

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