Alright, here’s the dizzle about the contest

We’re going to do a new one.  Feel free to participate in the one that I set up on Monday – I may still award prizes for that, but no promises.  INSTEAD, we are going to have a new contest starting next Monday.  Spread the word to anyone you know that either wants a gift card or a stupid and poorly drawn picture.  That $10 Amazon gift card will be back, and I’ll structure the game in such a way that anyone who answers at all gets some kind of Aaron-drawn “note” all of their own.

The final details will be clearly posted on Monday with the contest rules and other bullshit.  I may have also been tipped to the fact that I may need to bend some international rules for readers outside the US of A (I’m lookin’ at you, Canada and Russia), but I’m sure we can figure that out.  Anyway, the gift card will go to the winner by email.  The crap art can either be emailed, linked to, or I really could just mail it to you.  Or if I happen to actually know you and you live near by, I can just… hand it to you.

But enough about those failing – let’s talk about some other failings of mine.  Actually, let’s not talk about them.  Let’s just say that I’ve been a little scummy lately, and you’re going to want to read all about it.  Next week.

tl;dr – Contest’s canceled, new one on Monday, be on your toes.  Actual content next week.  I’ve been scummy.

But really, you’re going to want to check that stuff out.  I’ve been pretty fucked up.