About that Contest…

Alright, I need to extend that thing, at the very least.  I’ve had one real response and one “promise” response.  I have more than two visitors a day, so… yeah.  I have also been told by someone who has been antagonistically participating (’cause that’s what he does) that I should actually say what the prizes are and give better details on how the damn thing works.  I also think I should maybe just use a different premise all together for this contest, because some of the bands that I mentioned in Monday’s post were… I don’t know, it was poorly done.  Kinda stupid of me, really.  So let me just put this out there – should I trash that contest and put up a different one?  Here’s what the prizes would be:

First Prize – $10 Amazon.com gift card (it ain’t much, but neither am I, so mind your business).

Second Prize – Any three originals of my shitty sketchings and stick-figureizers that have been on this blog – assuming that I still have them.  I’m pretty sure I have all of the boob stuff, that T-Rex in a parking lot thing, and that stick figure comic of me knife fighting a bear.

tl;dr – My contest was lazy and poorly put together.  Should I sack it and start a new one, or do you really want to give that one a try?

Maybe a crossword or list contest.  Fuck, I don’t know.  I’m just trying to drum up some participation.

2 Replies to “About that Contest…”

  1. When I win, can I have an original drawing as a prize? I would like the following things somehow incorporated: a Unicorn, John Marston, bunnies, a hot version of myself, and Hello Kitty.

  2. Yeah, I’ll do that. But let me first remind you – I am no artist. This picture will truly suck ass.

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