Getting Back Into Modern Music

For those of you who care – this last weekend’s attempts at booty were a complete bust.  I’ll probably discuss that more at a later date, but you know… I went and waiting until I got to work to do this again, so I’m going to be brief.  This is quickly becoming a shitty new habit that I’ll have to “Aaron-proof” sooner than later, but I digress.  The long and the short of the booty issues are 1) I accidentally double-booked 2) The chick that I ended up choosing backed out at the last minute & 3) I had a chance to “mulligan” on Sunday morning, but was too hungover to make the attempt.  I am also a bit hungover today, which is ironically a part of my grand scheme to Aaron-proof my drinking habits.  Turns out the Chardonnay was a poor choice after all.

Warning – the following is Easter egg filled in the most mindlessly self indulgent way I c… crap, it’s already started!

Let me muse on modern music for a minute.  I have spent the better part of the last decade hating on most modern music.  Trip-hop, dub-step, radio pop, ring-tone-rap, and virtually everything that I have heard on the radio has pretty much been garbage to me.  I have been exposed to the popular radio hits, of which I am not really gaga over.  I would also hear the occasional friend’s favorite or music in the cool kids cars, but rarely would anything strike my fancy.  The horrors of no new, good music were a bit much.  Until this year.

I have started a concerted effort to listen to new music – to bask in a garden of sound each day looking for a deeper understanding of the current vibe.  Suddenly, like a mastodon or some kind of midnight juggernaut, new, great, fantasmaglorious music has charged its way to my ear, and I like it.  Delicious new flavors, a lightning bolt of musical yums, leaving my metaphorical lips flaming.  Like a jazz master only playing the black keys on a grand piano, it’s familiar and foreigner all at the same time.  The arcade of my mind, previously left cold and unplayed, has been set on fire with new games.  I even picked up my own guitar again for the first time in months, and strummed along to some songs previously unknown to me.  I joined in a few choruses, even though my voice is a bit like a pack of mountain goats.  A freight train of new musical discovery has chugged its way through this town of mine, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

tl;dr – Ssshhh, sssh.  It’s all over now.  The bad man and his bad writing style can’t hurt you anymore. Sincerely, Mumford and Sons.  Damnit!

To be completely fair – there actually are a few Lady Gaga songs that I like, but not many.  More importantly, though I think she’s a cunty-creepy-wakadoo, she’s very musically talented and her artistic ways do deserve merit – even when she is clearly biting the styles of giants.  There’s a saying about that, you know?  So I’ll just leave her and her nice penis alone to keep making good music and I usually don’t much care for.

BONUS GAME – Clearly the shit about is riddled with band names and musical allusions.  Find some of them and let me know what you’ve found either in the comments (if you don’t mind other people knowing what you know) or by emailing me at  There’s a prize in it for the first person to ten AND for the person that finds the most of them by this Friday – August 5th.  Unlike last time I did a contesty thing, this time the prizes are real.  Although one of them is really stupid.