Sorry for the late post… again

Although, I will reiterate what I said the last time I posted late – according to my traffic data, nobody comes here right at Noon unless I tweet or otherwise advertise.  I’m cool with that, by the way.  It’s a blog of convenience for both the readers and the author.

Anyway, work continues to be a whole thing.  On top of that, we’ve now had a handful of very strange things take place with some of our systems.  Damn roast beef shavers are on the fritz, right?  Thankfully, none of these issues have made it to clients, almost all are non-critical, and most aren’t even in our department.  Just, you know, if the fries weren’t properly curled ahead of time, how can we possibly fry and serve them?

I want to talk about some more of my “Aaron Proofing” soon.  Also some dirty encounters and even dirtier dreams that I’ve had lately.  Also a device or two, to include that Your Fitness Evolved: 2011 for the Kinect that I got.  It done kicked my ass ’cause I’m a big fat fatty.  But yeah, it’s been a real bitch lately, so not only is today’s post late, it’s also short and not very interesting.  Sorry.  I promise to post something fun by the end of the week.

tl;dr – I’m a lazy/busy/shitty fuck.  Come back for something good later