Work is a Warzone

Not really, obviously, but it has been kinda suck.  Essentially, our department has had a few fuck-ups in the past few months, along with a change in leadership.  The fuck-ups suck, especially since they were stupid and avoidable, but they aren’t the end of the world.  More importantly, our department has had an astounding success rate over the past few years.  This is due almost entirely to the members of our team and our out-going direct manager, and almost none to our higher-up or policies.  This is where layer three of this shit-cake comes in – the company found out it is riddled with fuck-ups and places where fuck-ups are possible, and has since decided to make a huge effort to make sweeping changes to policy.

When everything goes well, our department is largely ignored.  This sometimes sucks, but also has its advantages.  I’m quickly learning that the biggest disadvantage is that noone has a clue what we do, so if something does go wrong, noone can grasp why or how to fix it.  Often times, it’s just human error, and the only way to prevent it is really just in name.  We make it look like we fixed it and the risk is mitigated, but it really wasn’t fixed and the problem persists.  Even worse, sometimes the “fix” actually makes things worse.

With the handful of fuck-ups, the changing of leadership, and the company-wide policy changes all happening at once, our department is now flooded with department and team level changes to our policies and practices and endless suggestions, most of which useless or detrimental.  It’s a real suckfest.  On the other hand, there are changes that could, and maybe should be made.  However, many of these changes are difficult to implement.

I have some other thoughts on this but I’m busy, so… laters.