Booty Booking Bustles & Burdens, Bros.

So my awful rat-lip issue has cleared up and I’m just a few days out from being once again comfortable with knocking boots.  I have four ladies who’s booties I’d like to call, and they all seem pretty done with my stalling for time.  And there in lies the problem – balancing time.  Here’s my possible booty-times for the next seven days:

Tuesday Night (tonight) – sill uncomfortable about da lips.  Rest Day.

Wednesday Night – Gunna feel better, but still have my “roommate” living on my couch, so she would have to “host”.  I haven’t scheduled anything, so booty is unlikely.

Thursday Night – Roommate issue persists.  I still have time to schedule a thing if she hosts, I suppose, but I really like to take my time on the first night of a potential regular.

Friday Night – A fabulous internet-based audio program – Three Guys Walk Into a Bar.  In case you haven’t heard, the fellas and I have scheduled the night of this Friday, July 8th as a recording night.  It’ll be a late night recording, as not everyone will be around until something like 10ish.  I suppose I could try to slip in a thing between getting off of work and guys coming over, but… I don’t like such time constraints.

Saturday – Already have a thing scheduled.  Not sure exactly what time and you never really know how long.  Could be an over-nighter.  I’m hosting.

Sunday – I tend to leave this day open if I have something planned for Saturday.  I don’t want to have to shew a woman out so she doesn’t bump into my next booty call.  It’s just not very classy.

Next Monday Night – No idea.

Fun Suggestion – so the chick that I’m most excited for seems somehow equally excited.  She is in a similar situation, but it’s her sister staying with her, not her Dad.  Anyway, she suggests that we get a hotel room.  At first, I was all, “We could just wait), but now… kinda sick of waiting.  I think a hotel would be a great idea.  I think it would be fantastic to get a cheapish (but still safe) hotel/motel room and flip her switches with my operator knob.

tl;dr – This is a pretty stupid thing to complain about, isn’t it?  Well, I’m a pretty stupid guy.

I like the booty-call forecast idea from last week, but I want to workshop it a little.  I think the idea is good enough to deserve some more fleshing out.

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