Back From Vacation

I had tried to update my blog while I was gone, but my updates wouldn’t update, so here’s an update of updates for your update.  The fuck?

The vacation was great.  I’m not sure if I said where/how/wizzy it was, so here’s the quick version: My Mom and her husband booked a beach condo at the Sea Colony in Bethany Beach, DE.  They invited my brother, sister-in-law, niece, and myself to join them for the week (last week), and we obliged.  I’ve never heard of the place before, nor have most of the people I run with.  Of those that have heard of it, their opinions were pretty high.  Upon arrival, I immediately recognized why.

Have you ever been to Ocean City, MD?  Or at least been to it?  Ocean City, MD can be pretty nice.  However, I find that it is usually nasty and trashy.  There is litter and garbage everywhere, it smells of hot garbage and human waste, and is filled with bums, fucks, cunts, and dirty Johns.  It’s over crowded and overpriced.  The locals aren’t happy to see you or have you support their economy.  Most of them seem like bad carnies and probably are.

I know that a lot of people love it there, but I don’t.  Maybe it’s because they try so hard to be a family vacation spot and just fall short.  Maybe because it’s too packed.  Maybe I’m just a shitty curmudgeon.  Either way, I think that Ocean City sucks a fat one.  Bethany Beach, on the other hand, was fantastic.  Imagine Ocean City without the shitty people, carnies, and nasty bullshit.  It was calm, laid back, comfortable, and everyone was extremely nice and friendly.  I had a fantastic time and got plenty of rest.  I was able to spoil my niece a little.  I got to cook a little (I enjoy cooking).  I got hit on by a gay guy, which is a nice compliment.  And I was almost never stressed.  It doesn’t get much better than that.

My only complaint has little to do with that place at all.  It was to do with my cold sores.  I sun burned the shit out of my lips, which led to a massive uprising of cold sores.  They are embarrassing and quite painful.  I’ve been applying a new medicine, which seems to be helping.  More things happened, but the memories of them kind of escape me at the moment.  I gotta get back to work and deal with these loose curly fries.

tl;dr – Vacation was good, Bethany Beach destroys Ocean Shitty, my lips are nasty and hurt pretty bad.

I have so much more to discuss, but top of mind right now are the ideas of a serious relationship (still terrifies me), the oddities found on my booty sites (they are odd), and the shit-show that is work right now (admittedly mostly my fault).  We’ll try to touch on those in the next few posts.

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