That Reminds Me

I love buttsecks.

There are a lot of crazy things going on around work these days.  Most of this stuff is actually quite positive.  Some of it has to do with standardization and preparation.  I like this stuff – organization can set you free (yes, I am aware of the irony).  Some of the stuff is total bullshit, and I fucking hate it.  But it’s okay, because I once again have a vehicle that can keep up with my libido.

Guess what I did the other?

I went to a lady’s apartment.

We was talkin’s on the yahoo thing, just killin’ some time.  She said, ” Can I ask you something personal?”.  I was all, ” Sure.”  She axed me about my bedroom habits.  I told her.  She was intrigued.  The next evening, we was talkin’ on that yahoo again.  This is rare for me – especially two nights in a row.  I tend to avoid all instant message type things (’cause they’re a pain in the ass), but if I’m bored and/or find someone that can actually manage a conversation.  I really, truly cannot stand a person who needs me to carry the entire damn conversation.  It drives me fucking insane.  I have lost almost-sure-things because I couldn’t be bothered to make every fucking move in a conversation.  Goddamnit, it pisses me off… but that’s for another post.

Anyway, we were yahoo’ing each other.  Out of nowhere, she says, ” What are you doing right now?”

I was a little busy trying to get ahead on some of this work-assed bullshit, but I was at home and off the clock.  I give one of my standard responses, ” Just screwin’ around on the web.”

” Would you rather screw around with me?” She inquires.

My ears perked up and my Congressman became turgid.  ” That sounds like a much better way to spend my evening, but my roommate is around.”  My roommate – that’s how I refer to my Dad to ladies when I don’t want to explain that he has invited himself to crash on my couch for the next month or so and blah blah, check back to some old posts.

” Well… my roommate’s at her boyfriend’s tonight.”  What a fantastic turn of events.  I take a quick shower, slap on some decent looking digs, and I hop in my brand-new, classy Whip.  I was off to get mines.

And I got mines.

In her butt.


And then I went home, rushed pass my fuckin’ roommate, and went to bed.  I slept like a baby.  A baby that should have showered before going to bed, because the morning sticky/crusty is never pleasant.

Goodnight to You All

And to All a Good Night

tl;dr – Very busy at work, but gettin’ some fun-funs up a bum-bums.

And I’m planning to do it again this weekend.  That’s how I roll.  Actually, there’s a lady from a while back that I’ve been meaning to chat (and knock boots) with.  Unfortunately, I haven’t talked to her in so long, I think it might be rude if I just try to get to boots-knockin’ on again.

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