A Couple More Pounds & Other Notes

Not many, mind you, but I’ve found a new stable-zone.  For those of you that aren’t now nor have never been a fatty trying to lose weight, this is the name I use for a weight range that I can maintain without trying.  For most people, it’s usually about a five-pound range.  Slender fella’s can stay between 160 & 165 when not trying, but they may drift or gain the full five over a weekend.  When you get up to my weight, it’s not uncommon to drift ten or more pounds in a weekend.  To me, the most important part of that range is the top end.  In other words, “How heavy can I get after a really rough weekend?”  My new top number is more than 25 pounds below where it was on January 1st.  I feel pretty good about that, but I’m still not seeing the results that I crave.

I’m going to keep up what I’ve been doing for the next few weeks.  I go on vacation near the end of the month.  I’ll do my bestest to keep healthy there, but vacations are tough so no promises (said to myself).

Here’s one of the coolest things… uh, in my opinion.  I’ve been putting together a game plan for the push I’ll be making after that vacation.  This plan includes some super-tasty, super-awesome meals that I can make at home.  It’s mostly stuff that I know and am used to making (more about that on Friday’s post), but there will be some new recipes as well.  I’ve also taken some old recipes of mine and tweaked them.  I’ve toned down the caloric content of those recipes while (I think) turning the volume up on taste.  The way I’ve set it up, I’ll have all my meals and grocery shopping set up for stupid-easy use.  Even better, I’ll be able to sort of “plug-n’-play” replacement meals for when I’m all, “Nah.  Nope, I don’t want to eat that today.  SOMETHING ELSE!”  I’ll be sure to post that up here when I’ve worked out the kinks.

tl;dr – Weight loss slowed, but continues. Hit a new milestone that makes me happy. Working out a game plan.

Oh, right! I continue to have a new car, and I continue to love it.  FUCK YEAH!

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