So, I missed yesterday’s Noon post.  My bads.  Take this as a heads up that I might miss tomorrow’s post time, too.  Yesterday, I was real good and sick.  At first, I thought it was a for-serials hangover.  I mean, da real fo real.  Long story short, my weekend started coming back to me and I realized it wasn’t really a hangover.  I didn’t really drink that much.  I did however, eat some bad mushrooms.

No, not trippy mushrooms.  Normal mushrooms.  Baby bella’s.  I confirmed this when I got home, opened my fridge to inspect them, and saw fuzz.  This means they were probably just nasty enough to get me sick but not nasty enough to show.  Hell, I was barely paying attention.  I was in a real rush for most of the weekend.  So I missed yesterday, but I’m all good now.  However, that I thought drinking could have been the problem is enough for me to take it easy on the booze for a while.

I’ve been getting more comfortable with doing my bloggin’s at night, but these nights are also going to be busy.  You see, it’s new car time.  There’s no more pussyfooting around.  I got my Jeep back and I hate it even more than ever.  I did a lot of car shopping this weekend, and I have some solutions.  I think I’m buying new this time (though used is still possible).  I really like the Prius, but there is a shortage for them.  People are paying over MSRP for them, and I’m not willing to do that bullshit.  The Mustang is still on the table, but barely.  I found good prices on a few cars that I really liked in test drive.  Some haven’t had great track records, but one is a sure winner.  Anyway, I’ll be sure to share the outcome and any more missteps along the way.

tl;dr – I got myself sick on baby bella’s, I’m ’bout to get that new car but the Prius is boned.

I’m in all-day training through Thursday and Friday will likely be busy.  I’ll try to write my posts in the evening, but like I done saids, I’m car shoppin’.  So… expect some off-day & late posts this week.

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