Workin’ out great…

This week is going just so… somewhere between “Shitty” and “Mediocre”.

1. My car straight up wouldn’t start and it’s been too shitty to work on.  I just went for it today, and it didn’t exactly work out.  Ricky – a friend and co-host of Three Guys Walk Into a Bar – has been helping me out.  He even hung around this afternoon while I frustratingly pushed through intermittent heavy rain and a clear lack of being a man while I tried to at least diagnose the problem.  That’s greatly appreciated, ’cause short of walking to work, I’m not really sure what I’d do otherwise.

2. Top that off with the lack of good deals that I mentioned on Monday.  I had a whole breakdown (which… I never posted, did I?) of initial cost & cost of ownership of a handful of cars I was looking at.  I had narrowed it down to four cars and had decided I’d think on it for one more month.  A new car by my birthday.  If a killer deal happened in that month (this month), I’d hop on it.  Ain’t no deals like that.  I was going to stroll around some dealerships this week, but my car is dicked.  As it is, I can’t easily check out cars AND and don’t think I can hold out until my birthday AND I’m not going to get a good deal.

3. I’m busting my ass trying to conform to some new documentation standards at work, but what they’re asking for is ridiculous.  When I’m done making the document, it won’t be usable.  Hell, it’s not usable now, and I’m only about three-quarters finished.  I should really just hand it off to someone to tell me if I’m retarded which – by the way – I totally fucking am.  It makes me extremely salty and it is kind of crushing my spirit.

4. My Dad has been looking for a new place to stay during the week.  This is great, but it kinda can’t happen soon enough for me.  First off, I’m not charging him for rent or utilities.  I can’t afford that additional four-to-five days a week burden of another person.  He had a lead on a place, but found out it was in a super-shady area.  Neither of us are very familiar with the Virginia side of DC (something I plan to work on after getting a new car), but I know it can’t be that stupid expensive to not live in a shit-hole.  Either way, it’s another setback for him.  It’s not his fault, and I wasn’t expecting him to have found a new place this quick after our first conversation, but still… man, at least he buys his own food.

5. Hit a major plateau in my weight loss.  No weight loss but at least no weight gain.  I doubled up on cardio and lifting on big muscle groups, both yesterday and today.  I’ll see how that works out.  If it ain’t up to snuff, then it really is time to make the calorie reduction that I mentioned… last week?  It’s clearly calorie-counting time.

6. This just happened this morning – our departments are getting re-organized at work.  We’re still handling the orders of fries and roast beef, but pretty much everyone from Fry Chief up to Sandwich & Cashier Captain (on going joke, maybe I’ll fill in on that later…) are changing, along with how they fall in line.  Confusion about other opportunities has greatly increased.

All-in-all, none of that shit is a serious problem.  I’ve been saving money for exactly problems 1 & 2 over the past few years, and there’s enough buffer to handle 4.  3 is just frustration.  I can work through it.  5 is a long-term problem that I’ve already come to terms with and know how to handle – I just want more rapid results.  Alright.  That’s enough being a bitch.  Back to kickin’ ass.  6 is… it just bites.

tl;dr – The last few days have been kinda suck, but it ain’t the end of the world.

Come to think of it, this might be the kick in the ass that I need to buy a car and drop the awesome cable that I never use.  Along with finish a few projects that I’ve been putting off for far too long.