Fuck My Car

It’s all types of dicked.  Actually, it’s just one type of dicked.  I think there is either excess fuel or (more likely) moisture under the cylinder cap.  Long story short – it acts like it is flooded on the regular.  I can usually push through it with a trick or two, but not this morning.  So I had to ask a friend/co-worker to give me a ride.  I don’t like doing this.  I like being self sufficient.  I like being reliable and timely – which is another thing about myself that I plan to complain about this week.

Anyway, I can’t possibly suffer this car for as long as I was planning to hold out.  How long is that?  Until manufacturers and dealers start doing their year-end and model-year-end close-out deals.  I was willing to wait this long because I either want a Prius or a 2011 Mustang.  I want the 2011 ‘Stang because it is significantly better than the previous generation.  These are $20k – $25K cars, and that’s out of my price range.  A few months ago, a service that I use was trying to flush out all of their 2010 ‘Stangs at ridiculous discounts.  The base model was a little shy of $16k.  I really should have jumped on that.

There was also a huge plethora of cars available on the really nice side of my price range.  Now there’s dick.  So I either have to 1) spend more 2) accept higher mileage or 3) consider budget models.

tl;dr – My car can fuck off and die, but not before I replace it.

Actually, that last one isn’t a bad idea.  I could get a Hyundai Elantra for like $15k.  That wouldn’t be so bad.