This Week

It has been filled with bad dinners.

Sunday – Massive Ribeye  (btw: probably the reason my Monday weight-in was so underwhelming).

Monday – Leftovers from the weekend (not terribly unhealthy, but not great).

Tuesday – Five Guys “Little Burger” with tomatoes, lettuce, ketchup, & jalapeños.

Wednesday – Bertucci’s pizza.  Two slices (one Verde & one Pucillo which likely totaled over 600 cals).

Thursday – All-You-Can-Eat Prime Rib (I made it through 1 & 1/2 pretty thick cuts).

Tonight? – Probably should be a salad.  Probably will be that other 1/2 of Prime Rib, followed by more meat and maybe snakcs.

Additionally, my morning started off pretty shitty.  My engine loves to flood itself.  I really need to hurry up and buy a new car.

Today, I got off with just having to wait for a while and doing the ol’ peddle all the way, then turn key trick.  A few weeks ago, I actually had to pull off what I think was my fuel injection something something and crank the engine with it open.  What a shit-suck way to start a day.