A Quick Thought on a Thing

I’m currently engaged in a handful of email conversations with some ladies about hooking up with them.  In the past, this would be super-awesome.  It’s still pretty awesome, but given that my Dad now lives at my place from Sunday night through Thursday/Fridayish, my time is limited.  This makes my scheduling of booty calls difficult.  I have to schedule everything between Friday night and Sunday afternoon.  You might think that I can schedule it all the way up to Sunday evening, but I have no clue when The “Guest” will actually show up, so I really don’t have that time.

I want some ladies in my bed, but I only have two viable nights a week to get them.  Some ladies don’t do the weekends or are easier to get on week nights, so I immediately lose them.  The rest of them I have to juggle.  I have to adjust my email conversations to keep possible hook up dates somewhat vague as to not let on that I’m juggling several.  I also have to keep a schedule to not accidentally double book.  I think this has resulted in some missed opportunities, which really bites.

There’s this one girl that I’ve been talking to.  Very nice, very sweet, a mix of hot and cute.  According to her, she’s also very innocent and only joined the site on a suggestion from a friend.  She signed up just to gawk at the train wrecks she was expecting to see.  After a few nights of checking out people’s profiles, she became intrigued.  Now she’s looking to hook up and experience some of the things she’s reading.  I know, I know – likely story.  However, as far as the ladies are concerned, this is actually a fairly typical story.  I don’t always believe it, but sometimes it is very obvious that it is true.  They’ve never done these things; some had no idea they could be done or just never had it cross their mind.  They have genuinely lived innocently and are genuinely intrigued to at least give some of this stuff a whirl.  Not always, but sometimes I really, really, really want one of those ladies.

I already think I missed out on one from last summer (unrelated problem), and I don’t want to miss out on this one.  In conversation, she said she wants me to do everything to her.  She wrote that several times.  She also said she wants to record it, which I’m not so down with, but not against.  When asking her about some buttlovin’, she became extremely excited.  She wrote, “I want you to wreck me”.  This isn’t usually something that I look for, but from her – yeah.  Oh yeah, that totally works for me.

And back to where I’m screwed.  If I don’t jump on that and get her over to my place soon, she’ll slip through my fingers (not in the good way).  She can’t host (that’s what we call it in this community), ’cause she gots them roommates.  I only have Friday and Saturday night.  I think this weekend is already a wash.  Next Friday is already scheduled for a thing and next Saturday night is a party at some friends’ house, killing one night for that weekend.  The weekend after that might be a mini road trip.  That means I’m looking at a fucking month of not getting to “wreck” her, and she may lose interest in my brand of wrecking by then.  Goddammit.

tl;dr – I can’t filthy-bone an innocent girl that really wants me to ’cause my fuckin’ dad lives at my place during the week and people do things on the weekends.  Also – goddammit.

Maybe… maybe she and the next Friday night lady wouldn’t mind being scheduled… together?  I probably can’t pull that off, but I would really like it if I could.

OH RIGHT – if you didn’t already know, I am one third of a three-man internet radioish show called Three Guys Walk Into a Bar.  Tonight, we are streaming live at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/three-guys-walk-into-a-bar.

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