About This Friday…

If you’re new to this blog or otherwise unaware of my other projects, here’s a fat tip.  I do a fantastically crazy show with a couple of friends, called Three Guys Walk Into a Bar.  It’s found at threeguys.info, and you can listen to each episode right on the site.  Alternatively, you can search for it in iTunes (still in there, last time I checked), or you can take the RSS feed and plug that directly into your iTunes or other media player thing.  The shows humor is pretty out there and often very dark.  I’m talkin’ pitch black.  Don’t expect us to get too serious, but when we do, it usually gets heated.  This Friday, we have a mostly open format.

The last time we recorded, we tried to do three episodes in one night (to get around a scheduling issue).  The first one ended up on the site, and I think went pretty well.  The second was, I think, the best.  Unfortunately, there was a major recording issue.  The third episode got pretty… out of control.  So, really, we only got one episode out of that night.  However, there were several hours of show and call-in-ness for those who joined us live.

I think you should really join us on http://www.ustream.tv/channel/three-guys-walk-into-a-bar around 9 P.M. this Friday, April 15th for a live stream of Three Guys Walk Into a Bar.  It’s a pretty good time, and you never know what’ll happen that might never be heard from again.  It’s usually fun, and we’re probably going to continue to try to take Skype calls.  Anyway, check out a promo for the showshow here.