Comic Book Movies

I like comic books and I like movies.  I don’t really love either of them and don’t really get that wrapped up in them like I do with video games or nerd-assed books.  However, I like them both enough that where they collide, I feel I should check that out.  If those instances look somewhat good, I really need to get in on it.  In years past, this has been few and far between, but this year has a shit load of comic book movies.  It’s been described as “exhausting” by the folks at Screened in a recent podcast, and I have to agree.

Eleven.  There are eleven movies scheduled for release this year with only two that I think are already out.  There are twelve announced for 2012.  I’m saddened that there are thirteen scheduled for the following year just yet, but that would be just too easy.  Eleven is getting beyond shit-load, especially when you consider that this is just one year and 16 came out in the entirety of the 1980’s.  To be fair, the eleven that I count includes at least one straight-to-video animated feature, and at least one dumbass kids thing.  I’m also counting such titles as “Fist of the North Star: The Movie”, “Heavy Metal”, and “Weird Science” as comic book movies for the 80’s.  So yeah, there’s that.  Here’s a list of the comic book movies I plan to catch this year:

  • The Green Lantern
  • X-Men: First Class
  • Captain America: The First Avenger
  • Thor
  • Priest
  • Cowboys Vs. Aliens
  • The Goon (animated)
  • Batman: Year One (animated – straight to video)

That’s just counting movies coming out this year.  I still haven’t seen Scott Pilgrim, and plan to take that one in as soon as it pops back up on Netflix streaming – a service I highly suggest you check out.  I’ve also already seen The Green Hornet – which I think counts.  I’m not sure if the comic books or the radio program were first, but… eat a dick, it’s a comic book movie.

Of course, the big issue isn’t that there are so damn many of these.  It’s not even that the popular ones are going to overlap – especially with their animated versions – leading to confusion and inconsistency in story.  It’s that so many of them suck.  And I mean really suck.  Just think of the X-Men universe.  People are skeptical of the next X-Men movie based entirely on X3 and Wolverine: Origins.  I suppose it’s fair, as those movies were total garbage, but this movie is new and separate from those two and deserves to be judged separately.  But even knowing that it has a different director, different screen writer, and different actors and actresses, it’s still hard to trust that anyone can do well by it and the fan.  After all, we also know that two out of four movies for this franchise have been awful.  If we have a dozen more Wolverine movies, the movie-going society will completely forget how amazing the first two X-Men movies have been, and comic book movies will go back in the box for a decade or two.   The core characters of Marvel Comics need X-Men: First Class, Wolverine 2, and Deadpool to be at least passable.  If not, that series is fucked out of the silver screen.

tl;dr – Comic books as movies?  That’ll never happen.

I think I may have lost my main point in there somewhere… I gotta take this back to the drawing board.