Current Events – 3/28/2011

I’d like to comment about some of the recent events – especially the crazy shit that’s happened.  This may be long and will certainly be dumb as hell.  I’ll have something stupid-fun again soon, just bare with me.

Japan: This whole situation is all types of fucked up.  So is everything around it.  To me, the single most fucked-up part of it is how our media is treating it.  That’s not to say that the cascading events of disaster that have actually happened (and continue to) aren’t terrible – the last I read was an estimated 11k+ dead and 17k+ missing people and shit-tons of damage both immediate and lasting, so yeah, the real tragedy is the actual tragedy.  But the fucked-up stuff is how the situation is treated, most notable our media sensationalizing it and our people being dicks about it all over.  Now, I often have a pitch-black sense of humor, so on the first day I was down with just about any asshat joke over the situation.  Japan is pretty bad ass, and they’ve been through a lot, so most of us couldn’t even fathom the damages and deaths that would follow the next few days.  Now that it’s happened, it’s not so easy to joke.  Three things on that 1) If you’re going to joke, make sure it’s funny, 2) If it’s worth hurting over, it’s worth laughing over, and 3) Neither the Godzilla nor Pearl Harbor shtick are or ever were funny.  Those jokes are considerably worse now that we know.  Other jokes are whatever, and I’m not going to get on you for making them.  it’s a way to cope.  To people who are making those comments in a non-joking manner, you need to fucking stop.  Japan is one of our greatest allies, high on our greatest economic partners, and a place filled with fucking human beings.  We can joke, but let’s not be dicks.  Also, if you haven’t donated, you should.  If you donated to anyone other than the Red Cross, I hope you know what you’re doing.  If you’re low on cash, you could send previsions or volunteer time.  Or, I don’t know, cross you fingers and pray and shit.  I don’t believe in it, but I’m pretty sure it can’t hurt.  By the by, Japan isn’t the only place in peril right now, but they do seem to be in the most.

Wisconsin (and other states): If you can’t see this for what it is, you must be blind.  Motherfuckers aren’t trying to balance the budget – they’re using it as an excuse to push a handful of unrelated agendas.  If you think you’re anti-union, maybe read up on that stuff.  Chances are pretty good that you’re just anti-shitty-unions.  I am, too.  In a perfect world, we wouldn’t need collective bargaining.  But we’re not in a perfect world.  We’re in this one, and this one is pretty fucked up.  Everyone needs every tool they can get just to keep afloat.  I am not now, nor have I ever been a part of a union.  I probably never will be.  However, I can recognize the need for them.  The way this strange sector of the Republican party is attacking the unions in question blows my mind.  Most Republicans are against unions, but most aren’t this backwards and shitty.  Almost all acknowledge and argue that skilled labor should be well paid and well represented (one of a handful of philosophies that I happen to share).  Teachers are skilled labor.  They attended higher education in order to better educate us and our children.  This whole situation is so fucked and so filled with round-about, backroom, dicktits bullshit, that I don’t think anyone truly understands it.  I don’t even have a decent solution, and I usually like to float my own armchair policies out there on all manner of topics.

Charlie Sheen/Celebrity Bullshit: Fuckin’ stop it.  I don’t give a shit what you’re doing, I don’t care how much you make, and I don’t care how popular your show/movie/website is.  You can’t behave like that.  You can’t be above the law.  It undermines our entire society.  And every fucking one of us is to blame for letting it become this way.  Fuck you and fuck all of us.  On that note – I don’t even give a shit when their birthday is.  Why do you give a shit how they celebrate it?

Egypt: Pretty big deal, but I think we’re missing a lot of information here.  This brings me to…

Libya: Which I agree that we need to do something about.  I’m also torn on how we (U.S.) have handled it.  I agree that we should have stepped in, and that this seems like the right time for a President to stretch out and use an Executive Order.  I know that going through the Congressional route (which probably would have been the right way) would have taken too long.  I also noticed that we aren’t  doing the same for Yemen, even though they are having a similar (perhaps worse) situation over there.  Syria’s pretty bad now, too.  In fact, it seems like the whole region is waking up and ready to explode (bad choice of words?), and noone can figure out if they can/should get involved.  All I know is that we’re all getting really close to shit or get off the pot time.

Luxury Doomsday Vault Sales – A.K.A.: A Fool and His Money: In case you missed the story, the sales of “Doomsday Vaults” have shot up over the last few years.  A doomsday vault is basically some shit right out of the Fallout video game franchise.  It’s structure designed to (as a minimum) contain people, provisions, and living spaces for extended periods of time to ride out the aftermath of nuclear catastrophe.   Most aren’t designed to withstand the actual impact of a modern warhead, but I suppose that’s a bit besides the point.  The sales of these vaults has skyrocketed – something by like 1000% in the last few years.  It’s good to be prepared and fine to be a little paranoid, but the subtexts of all of this are a bit crazy.  I mean, some of the buyers are those 2012 folks.  If 2012 goes off like you crazies are predicting, then what’s the fuckin’ point of a doomsday shelter?  We’ll all be gone!

That being said, I do like this for two reasons.  1) It means that if things go really bad but some people still live (me), I could have some pretty nice places to hold up in and pilfer.  2) If I get rich, I can totally build my crazy Bond Villain/Mad Scientist Lair for all of the crazy shit I want to do.  Think about it.  Yeah.  You’re suddenly on board, too, aren’t you?

Rebecca Black/Modern Music: It seems that we’ve had a split from reality again.  I’m equally amazed at how shitty that “Friday” song is as I am at how shitty people have been to Rebecca Black.  Some things you should know:  1) If you haven’t heard it, it isn’t hard to find. 2) It’s pretty terrible, but I’m sure you’ve heard worse 3) The lyrics are awful, but she’s not to blame.  It is a professionally written song from ARK Music Factory – a company that does stuff like this for well off parents and their spoiled, shitty children.  4) While I’m sure she thinks she can be the next Justin Bieber (another dick I can’t stand), who hasn’t had some crazy aspiration as a teen?  5) She’s 13.  Let’s stop telling her that she’s ugly, untalented, and should kill herself.  She has a whole lot more time to find out how shitty the world is, let’s not bring it all to her in just one week.

But she’s just a part of the reality split.  She’s the part where most of us recognize how terrible the music is, yet there will be plenty of dipshits who will buy a whole, overpriced, shitty album of hers.  That’s the part that sucks.  Not her fault – ours.  Also, I’m finding that there is a shitton of great music out there.  It’s just not on the air.  Most of it is pretty hard for a disconnected, out of touch, 28 year-old like myself to find.  It’s really not difficult to uncover, as most of it can be found online and in local clubs and bars.  But I’m not on the scene (do people still say that?), so I’m not even sure where to look.  And I feel strange asking people.

I have managed to enjoy two, TWO whole albums from front to back on more than just the first play-through.  I’m pretty jazzed about that.  It’s really been a long time, and I’ve been pretty bummed about the state of modern music.  I’m a lot more hopeful and very eager to find more new stuff.  I really haven’t felt this way about modern music in a long time.  But I’m still very bummed that the shittiest of music is almost all that is playing on the radio.  Also – can we bury the term “Indy” from music?  It doesn’t even mean what it’s supposed to mean anymore.

Afghanistan Slayings: I got nothin’ to say about this until I know more, except that I’m really not surprised and that the real pros. don’t take pictures of themselves in the act.

Possible Toyota Closings: Probably unrelated to the disasters and tragedies in Japan, it is likely that Toyota will close and/or re-purpose some number of plants in North America.  Most of these are in the U.S., but there are other in Mexico and Canada.  This could have several negative impacts, but savvy entrepreneurs could really turn this around.  Whether the closing is temporary or permanent, I’ll bet those factories and the equipment inside will be priced well to acquire/rent.  Experienced factory workers looking for a job will be available in the area.  That’s an investment worth making for the company in need.  Toyota will be fine and so will we.  It’s just a matter of how everything gets handled as to whether we do fine or we excel.

tl;dr – I’m commenting on some recent shit and I’m pretty dumb, so feel free to ignore my ramblings

Wednesday, I’ll be making some predictions for the next decade or so.  I’m not sure about Friday, but I do know that it’s before Saturday, and I already can’t wait for the wee-eekend.  Sorry.

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