Just An Update – 3/25/2011

I’ve had me a bit of a week.  Nothing terrible crazy or bad, I’m just a bit beat.  So tonight, I’m gunna check out some titties.  Right now, I’m gunna phone in my Friday blog with some base level updates.  The last couple were pretty long.  If you are looking for a read and haven’t caught up, I suggest checking out the 3/23/2011 entry.  It’s pretty stupid.

  • I’ve been approving comments that kinda seem like they might be not spam
  • I’ve been approving comments that are clearly spam if they make me laugh
  • I’m fuckin’ tired.
  • I test drove some stuff.  It was fun.  And only made me more confused about what car to buy.
  • I’ve looked into my schoolin’.  I’ve lost some credits, which kinda bums me… but not much.  Looking into night school.
  • And fleshlights
  • Finally started playing Word With Friends (the free one).  Fun.