Breakfast Week – Day Five!!!

It’s Friday, and you ain’t got a job, and you ain’t got shit to do!  Or you’re like me and just took the day off ’cause you’re a bit burned out.  Anyway, I’d be a fool if I didn’t pay tribute to one of the best breakfast choices ever.

Goddamn right it's cold pizza.

I don’t know what my all time favorite pizza is, but I’ll bet it’s pretty good cold.

Yes, I do like pineapple on my pizza. I love it.

Especially the next morning in the clothes you slept in after the lady that stayed over the past night finally finds her way out.  Ahh, yes.  I call it “Victory Pizza”.

I know, right?

A quick note on my whole pizza thing – I am now almost entirely certain that it’s the dough and sauce that make the pizza for me.  I’ve started asking for extra sauce and light cheese.  Let’s not get stupid here – I still love cheese and I think pizza would blow donkey dick if it didn’t have at least some.  It’s a part of the pizza identity.  However, I’ve found that I don’t need anywhere near as much as I thought I did.  Now that the big pizza chains have re-kindled their race for quality and given up their race to the bottom, you can really tell who actually cares about their dough and sauce.

In case you’re wondering, the two slices pictured are from Domino’s.  Both original hand-tossed (or whatever they’re calling it now).  One is salami and mushroom with the new robusto sauce.  The other is pineapple and bacon with white sauce.  The white sauce was a mistake, by the way.  It’s good sauce, and I suggest giving it a try.  It just ruins the ingredients that I chose.  That white sauce should have chicken, spinach, some other kind of veggies.  Pineapple (a controversial topping) is best with either normal sauce or BBQ.  All four of those toppings, by the way, are fuckin’ great for your cold breakfast pizza.

tl;dr – Cold pizza for breakfast.  Or heat it up, I’m not gunna give you shit for it.

I might post another breakfast tomorrow and/or Sunday.  Monday, it’s back to normal.  So what do you like on your pizza?  How do you feel about pizza for breakfast?  Is Japan gunna be alright?  Every asshole “analyst” on every asshat news network has their own, clearly dumbass and uninformed opinion and no facts.  Really pisses me off that they’re using this whole thing the ways they are.  In case you haven’t, you may want to consider donated a few bucks to Red Cross.  They have their shit together.

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