Breakfast Week – Day 3!!!

I’m not going to state exactly what is the greatest food to ever grace my plate, but I will say that today’s subject is easily in the top five.

Check out my strange, early 2000's plates... snazzy?

These eggs are maybe a little over done to my preference, but they were still plenty tasty.  Here are the top five ways that I like my eggs:

Quicklist Eggs – How I Dig ‘Em:

5. Scrambled with a lil’ hot sauce

4. Omelette with gruyere, basil, and chives (and not one of those shitty, overcooked, overstuffed, burnt bottom ones we get every time we go out or our friends first discover cooking.  “Denver Omelette” – what a fuckin’ joke.)

3. Raw (preferably over rice or noodles with a little seasoning)

2. Poached

1. Over All Types of Takin’ It Easy

I like it plenty of other ways, but I really like those.  I find that there are few things in breakfast that are so simple and yet so polarizing as the humble egg.  I mean, just think about how you fry an egg?  Here’s how I do it.

  1. I find that the best fried eggs come out of a cheap-assed non-stick pan.  Think under $20.
  2. Bring it to medium heat.  Hit the pan with some knock-off Pam.
  3. Crack the eggs into the pan.  Cook until the bottom is firm and flip.
  4. Cook until that side is just barely holding together.
  5. At this point, the outside should be nice and firm but there shouldn’t be much crispy jazz going on.  The center should be warm and very runny.
  6. I prefer to lay these on a bed of toast so I can get all the yum-yums yokes up.
  7. Stuff it in your face.

Unfortunately, toast is made of bread and bread is made of some kind of calorie having ingredients… I don’t know, whale?  Am I in the ballpark?  Anyway, if I want  piece of toast, then I have to remove an egg.  3 Eggs > 2 Eggs & Toast, so I sometimes cook the eggs a bit longer than I like them.

There are about a trillion ways to enjoy eggs, and about a thousand of those are variations on fried eggs.  Some people like them firm, some soft, and some flash fry so they get a crispy outside and gooey inside.  Some people fry their eggs in a covered pan with a spritz of water to make it steam and firm up the top without flipping.  Some people fry them all the way through so it’s a sickly, awful, horrific puck of dusty, ruined, egg.

tl;dr – Eggs.  Pretty fuckin’ great.

How do you like yours?