Breakfast Week – Day 2

I’ve been having a shitload of thoughts about a shitload of things, and it has started to become very difficult to keep up with them.  Booty, health, Japan, natural disasters, our shitty media coverage, the future, 3 Guys, my education, and so many more things.  I think I will need to start recording my thoughts or jotting them down on a little notebook or some shit.

Anyway, Breakfast Week must continue!  Today, it’s a super-basic yet satisfying quicky that I first became aware of back in the military.  It’s a kind of breakfast wrap or sweet burrito, I suppose.  A buddy of mine let me in on it after I complained about being low on energy before our morning PT.  He was all, “Dude, check this out.”  And then I was all…

My most recent encounter is a decent, if a bit bland, version that I found from Men’s Health.  Here’s the thing, recipe at the end:

Step one, slather dat butta, baby.
Step two, add banana.
Step three, roll it up.

Not pictured – Step four, eat.

Actually, you know what?  No real recipe.  The recipe is so simple, it’ll make you angry if I even wrote it.  Just take a tortilla or wrap, smear peanut butter on it, add a banana, wrap it up, and eat it.  My old war buddy’s version had some honey and whatever fruit he had on hand – I recall him using apples and pears a lot.  My favorite version of this actually uses Nutella and fresh berries.  Still, it’s a sweet wrap.  I’m not much of a “sweets” kinda guy.  Give me a savory wrap or burrito, and now you’re talkin’.  Maybe I’ll do one of those this week…