Quicklist – Favorite Citrus

Alright, let’s wrap this week up something nice with a quick note and then a quicklist.  First off, to anyone who reads this and is eager to talk – that’s great.  I like comments, and I like to answer them.  With the exception of the spam and a few that I’m not sure if they are oddly worded praise or cleverly worded spam, all of the comments I’ve gotten have been great.  It’s actually the only part of migrating my blog that I don’t like – that I’ve lost my original comments.  That being said, there are people who don’t read my blog.  I’m fairly certain that two of them are on that awesome show I’m a part of, 3 Guys Walk Into a Bar.  After realizing that, I hatched a plan for the next recording.  This plan involves revealing the (awful) fact that my Dad now lives with me during most of the week to my co-hosts, on the show.  I may still be able to do this, so please, for just a few more hours, keep it under your hat.

There is a pretty good chance that they are already aware of the situation.  In which case, it’s a little odd that they haven’t acknowledged it.  On the other hand, it’s nice that they don’t bring it up all the time, like some total “C” that can’t keep it in her pants and can’t stop ragging on me for it.  I can’t wait to push her down a flight of stairs.  Anyway, I’ll be dropping that bomb in the first recording tonight.  So here’s a Quicklist with some healthy shit, I guess…

tl:dr – My co-hosts don’t know, so please keep it in your pants so the show is that much better.

Aaron’t Quicklist of Fruity Citrus-assed Fruits That I Likes to be Eatings When I Eat Them:

5. Grapefruit

4. Tangelo

3. Lemons

2. Oranges (currently crushing on blood oranges)

1. Limes

This list is missing something, but whateve’s.  I’ll get over it.  By the by, next week is my first ever Theme Week.  A post every day, and all within the theme.  Check it out starting Monday (or maybe Sunday, but yeah… probably Monday).

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