Just an update – 03/07/2011

Alright, what’s the digs?  I have a special post that I had planned to post as today’s post to hold this post from the enemy.  Post Raisin Bran, from Post.  What just happened?

Like I was saying, it was planned for today.  Then some things happened this weekend, mostly fun.  Now that thing has expanded some.  I’m shooting for Wednesday (but maybe tomorrow…), and then you’ll see what I’m talking about.  Calm down, though.  It’s not like it will make you money.  I will tease that I had company this weekend and that company helped me out.  Here are some highlights:

  • Perspective is a real bitch
  • Boobs continue to be awesome
  • Rug burns are kinda alright
  • Hangovers are kinda not
  • Lube doesn’t always make it work
  • Wontons taste Italian if you fry them in olive oil
  • Video game business is fuckin’ crazy
  • I have a new favorite food blog – endlesssimmer.com
  • I’m extremely indecisive about the whole car thing.

tl;dr – There’s no way this was too long, so you’re really just skipping it.

Next time, a thing.