Hey, I Changed My Blog!

And yeah… sorry it went down without warning.  I thought I could change it over in half an hour and noone would notice.  I also thought that I could just slide it in, refresh my site, and post some shit.  Well… that didn’t work out.  It’s now after 10:00 PM, and I’ve just started making progress with re-adding my old posts.  Well, whatever.  It don’t matter.  This shit is up and running now, and on the latest build of WordPress.  I’m pretty fuckin’ happy about this decision.  I’ve always liked the look and feel of the dashboard and other back end stuff.  I’m also extremely pleased to see just how much the user base has done to make it easy on new people.  Themes, mutha fucka!  And it’s written in real-assed languages with standard-assed databasing!  I can kinda figure my way around this stuff!!!  FUCK YEAH!!!!!!>1>!Kea’jfsdal11!!!1!1l?

Alright, well I’m tired as fuck and I’ve still got some other things to do before I hit the sack.  There is definitely a post coming on Friday and I might try to tie up the intended post for earlier today.  Have a good’n.

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