Charts and Graphs!

I’ve been working on some charts and graphs to better understand the weirdness that is my own scale of attraction to da ladies.  It’s fuckin’ crazy, yo.  I’m also finding that some of the ways I’ve been trying to track said info is completely unhelpful.  So I’m gunna rework some of my data before I deliver it on time, ’cause there’s Science to be made.  Here are some of the things going on:

  • A list of celebrities and my attraction to them
  • A point system assigned to each attraction attribute
  • A graph of the application of said attraction in some kinda fuckin’ thing
  • Some drawings of bewbs.  I don’t know, just ’cause.  I’ll NSFW them off on a separate page or something so the main page is still SFW.
  • An essay on why Anal Sex is fucking awesome and why it’s OKAY to lick some butt, every now and then
  • A list of holiday and sex-act pairings

And a bonus (probably spreadsheet) – some of the crazy shit that I’d like to try to pull off once I lose the weight, annotated with my actual expectations of pulling them off.  At some point, I’d also like to share some more of what goes on in my iPod (now iPhone!  I’m so fuckin’ cool!).  Certainly an update to my running playlist and sharing some of my other playlists will be put up here sooner or later, but I’d also like to share some of the shows that I listen to.  Maybe talk apps at some point… but I’m pretty behind on all of that.

For now, things are fine.  My terrible cold thing is mostly gone.  I was roommate free for the weekend and enjoyed a lot of video gaming while trying to rest and heal-up.  Multiplayer stuff was great.  There was something else I wanted to mention, but I don’t remember what so… fuck it.  Oh yeah, my beard.  I really like what’s going on with it right now.  I don’t know how to explain it, but I trimmed it up just a little bit on Saturday and it looked and felt awesome.  It’s pretty alright right now, but nowhere near as good as Saturday.  I need to figure out what made it so awesome.


tl;dr – Back to the drawing board with boobs, spreadsheets ahoy!, I’m mostly better now, and my beard was fuckin’ epic for a little while.