2-18-2011 An Update & A Quicklist

I had to take yesterday off from work.  I knew that I would have to, and probably should have taken Wednesday off, too.  I barely slept Wednesday night, and when yesterday morning rolled around, I practically poured myself out of bed.  It totally sucks, because some unexpected whack shit happened at work while I was out.  Also, it seems that someone else took a sick day when maybe they really didn’t need to.  Whatever, everything seems to be in working order.  I still feel like burnt asshole, but good enough to soldier through and get shit done.  I’m also fairly sure that I am past the contagion point, but it’s hard to say given that I’m not really sure what I have.  It’s good that I’m alright, as the two that were in yesterday are out today.  They aren’t sick, but apparently had a sick-ass time out last night, and planned ahead of time to have this day off.  Good for them – we all need to unwind time and I’m glade nobody had to lose scheduled vacation.


Some good news – my weight-loss thing got derailed a couple of times, and the current situation at home isn’t exactly helping.  Still, I’ve managed to keep in about 90% on track for the last two weeks.  Even with one binge night and a rough weekend preceding it, I am down about 8 pounds.  8 lbs. in two weeks – those are results that I can live with.  Doctors say that you should only drop about 2 lbs. a week, but fuck that.  I’ve said it before, and I’m sure I’ll say it again – it has to be better for me in the long run to be in shape as quickly as possible than it would be to take a slow approach to getting there.  Still, I’d bet that my pace for the rest of my weight loss will be considerably slower.  It will likely drop to the 2 lbs. a week rate by itself as I get closer to my goal.  And there will be the inevitable plateau, but I’ve got some plans to deal with that.


tl;dr – I’m a little better and I’ve started dropping some weight.


Alright, here’s a quicklist.

Aaron’s Most Favorite Remedies for Standard to Baddish Cold & Flu Sick Havings Quicklist,:

5.Hard Liquor

4. Sudafed

3. Theraflu Nighttime

2. NyQuil

1. All of the above in one, bigass mug and find a comfy place to sleep it off.

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