Taxes, Thought 1

I’m a bit anxious about my taxes this year.  I have received a refund all but one year of my life from the Feds, and haven’t had to pay the my state or local in few years.  The last two years, I received pretty substantial refunds.  One for the new home buyer’s thingamajig, and the other for continuing to own.  Nothing tax-wise should have changed for me in 2010, and it seems like the tax codes could still be in my favor.  Still, I always feel like the government is trying to screw me to serve itself and the wealthy.  I’m starting to feel a little rambly, so let’s just wrap up here – I want to get a refund.  I really don’t want to pay.

This has maybe not been a good week of postings, but don’t worry.  I’ve got some mostly written stuff for next week that should make up for it.