I’ll Start Posting My Weight Loss Progress

When I drop 15 from where I’m at right now.  From then on, I’ll make at least weekly check-ins on it, even if I fuck up a bit.

Right, I should explain.  I’ve been trying to lose weight for the last few years, with occasional huge-pushes.  For me, 2008 & 2009 were not the greatest years of real-assed life.  They certainly weren’t my worst years, but their negative health impact could contend even with the dangers of war.  2010 was a continuation of many of those health trends, and a significant one-time loss.  In this case, “loss” is the good kind – I got up to a little over 300 lbs at some point and dropped back down to about 270 in a few months.  Most people say they didn’t notice, but I sure as shit did.

The rest of 2010 was spent rocking between bustin’ hard or just barely maintaining.  As such, I managed to drop down to about 260 and swing back up to about 285.  I’m somewhere between there right now.  Not that I’m really trying to keep it that close to my vest, but more that I haven’t had my official weight-in and I’d like to post that proper when it is time.  I’ve made no secret of the main culprits in my crap health – booze, sedentary lifestyle, and portion control.  The vast majority of foods that I eat are actually healthy, but I tend to eat a bit too much of the proteins, starches, and breads.  And yeah, starches and breads are actually good for you.  Really fuckin’ good for you, but not in the portions that I (and most Americans) rock with.

The sad thing is, I have all of the tools and all of the knowledge (or at least enough) to get this done.  I’ve actually pulled it off, and more than once.  It’s mostly just been a lack of drive.  The anxiety is a part of it, too, but that’s another issue.  I’ve get shit to do to get rid of my moobs and gut, and I just gotta go do it.

And I should switch from booze to pot.