A quick update on me…

Which is probably more for me than for you, so maybe just skip today’s post.  I’m taking my Mom to dinner tonight, and we’re going shoe shopping (for me… and yeah, it’s kinda gay).  The plan is Macaroni Grill on some suggestions from friends.  I don’t know if the food or the shoes will be first.  I’m also not sure what shoes I’m getting.  I need to replace my brown pair (leather casual) and my cross trainers.  I’d also like to get a nice pair of black shoes.  I don’t really need to replace anything, or wait… maybe I do.  But I think it’ll be the brown ones.

I should really start watching Conan again.  I’m currently watching the return of the livecococam, and it’s fuckin’ great.  Those people are very funny.

I’ve significantly reduced my drinking habit, though maybe going to zero for a while would still be a good idea.  This is mostly a weight loss thing.  My favorites are all liquors.  They are usually low on calories, but they destroy the metabolism.  Plus, I find that I eat a shittier when I’m drunk.

On that note, I’ve set up some meal plans.  However, I might just completely re-do them.  I found some new stuff in a fruity hippie magazine at my brother’s house.  It’s all organic and shit, and I think called something like, “Clean Eating” or some shit.  Anyway, I found their full meal plans and recipes online (and free).  They also have calorie counts, shopping lists, etc.  This does pretty much all of the work for me (as I don’t find cooking to be work), and the costs are manageable.  The biggest things are that the meals are healthy, low calorie, and actually have meat.  I’m the only person I know who gained wait going vegetarian (though it was very short lived).

I got a lot more shit goin’ on right now, but I gotta roll.

tl;dr – …fuckin’… some stuff is going on.